Derbi recovered

Score one for Kalamazoo Public Safety. My Derbi was recovered at 12:11 am on the 29th. It

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Hey,Dave! Who is Kalamazoo Public Safety and how did they find it? Can a person buy insurance to cover this stuff? AND,I'm really happy you got your bike back! CHEERS FOR YOU!

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kalamazoo public safety is the cops. another post has more of the story ... read it here:

<A HREF=""></A>;

basically, two kids were riding it ... got hit hard by a car (breaking the ped and one of the kids) ... the driver fled ...

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Man,that's terrible! They should learn a hard lesson from this.I can't help but feel a little sorry for the kid that got hurt,even though he should be glad he's still alive.When I was growing up I had these real ornery cousins.They got me into things that I shudder to think about even now.But back then,people didn't thieve much.Even my cousins drew the line there.I feel more sorry for Dave,having to look at his beatiful Derbi,wrecked by idiots! Thanks for the update. BYE!

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Just for clarification the driver of the moped fled. The driver of the car waited for the cops and identified the passenger of the moped, but somehow forgot the mane of the driver of the moped. Boy memory is a weird thing sometimes. I want to prosecute that little bastard so bad I can taste it.


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prosecute the pasenger.


moped army

swarm and destroy

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I'm really into kids getting hit by cars.that is all.-john

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Simon King /

I still want to paint "DROP THE MOPED" on the front of my van. As i'm heading toward the kid, honking my horn -- he'll know what to do.

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Reeperette /

Simon...I really think you and I are the only folks here who'd rather run OVER one of our own 'peds than let someone else get away on it...

That bein said...

The ancient relic of a caddy I once had, had something of the sort painted in red block letters about 2" high on the front bumper.

(Which was a tow truck bumper, and why is a bit of a long story...)

"If you can read this, yer about to die".

I didn't have many traffic or road rage problems with that thing, but then again, it being a ratty late-50's limosine with one foot in the grave and leaking so much oil it ran about in a cloud of smoke mighta had somethin to do with that too.


Re: Derbi recovered

Cops say I cant prosecute the passenger because

Re: Derbi recovered

if you really want some closure or whatnot ... try a civil suit against the kid. a da won't prosecute him on criminal charges because it's not a good case and isn't worth their time (compared to bigger crimes). but in a civil suit ... you can pretty much have free reign. you can have the kid subpoenaed. at the very least he was an accessory. you can lean on him enough. at the very least you can confront him face to face in a court of law, ask him (through a lawyer or you can represent yourself, as long as you can file the proper paperwork) what's up. you may not be able to get any money from him (or even his parents). but you can send him a clear message. you'll then have his name, and he won't forget that.

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