Poutine Ride 3

LanceCampeau.com /

It snowed today in Montreal... no vid... but Jesus am I getting sick of this shit/cold weather...

Who's in for Poutine Ride 3??? (Montreal region)

I'm shooting for early May...

Re: Poutine Ride 3

flyer or it won't happen.

Re: Poutine Ride 3

oh no, not again

Re: Poutine Ride 3

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

I want Poutine. Can you ship it to St Louis?

Re: Poutine Ride 3

David Belanger /

im looking to ride up to montreal from worcester MA after i graduate in may.... this may be ap ossibility. if you can provide me a place to crash, i'd love to join you, parlez en français un petit peu, et mange la poutine 'errday. hopefully someone will ride up with me..... lemme know, cuz ive been looking for a time frame to head up north. montreal is the best city on earth btw, if you've never been, you've never lived. +10 exp points for hot french sluts too.

Re: Poutine Ride 3

Did you find your Tomos Lance?

Re: Poutine Ride 3

Lance Campeau /

Ha Ha... hot french sluts... I've lived here too long...

No... My LX is pretty much long gone... I have lots of pics and video... and I put a lot of miles on it last season, its due for an overhaul and running 2 bikes was pretty expensive anyway... not all bad... just miss that ped... :(

Re: Poutine Ride 3

Marc Dansereau /

Hey Lance!!!

I'm in Japan till the 13th of May, if you do it afterwards I'll be in for sure with a friend or 2!!!

Was lots of fun last year!!!


Re: Poutine Ride 3

YAY POUTINE RIDE! Post up a date and I will see if it fits into the farmer schedule, new tires on the 50v so I will be ready.

I want to also get some people out this way in mid-June for a run to the Antique Fair if anyone is interested - nice roads out here - flats where you can really open up some speed without driveways or intersections in the way.

Second weekend in July is also the vintage bike show just outside of Ottawa - ALWAYS a good event to check out and these guys are very moped friendly!

Re: Poutine Ride 3

Michael Koerber /

I am there.....

Let's go for the middle or end of May as Marc suggested

Re: Poutine Ride 3

Lance Campeau /

48 degrees and rain in Montreal this week...

Thankfully... I made some vids last weekend whe it was sunny and 60 degrees.

Also, baseball games on XM radio help ease the pain of my non mopeded weeknights... ;P

Re: Poutine Ride 3

Simon Picard /

yep count me in, i have miss the two other poutine ride, so i really want to join in this year.

i need to get my puch maxi S back in order, so late may, would be good.


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