korado kickstart mechanism help!

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i'm trying to build up a korado bottom end and am having issues with the starter lever. i'm not 100% sure how the starter mechanism goes together, but i got the obvious bits. i cleaned up the semi-circular gear's teeth, and have a new spring, kickstart seal, cover gasket, and 3 shoe clutch. when i put it all together as i think it should be, i'm unable to turn the starter lever, and the crank is stuck in place. initially i thought the semicircular gear was pressing against the clutch when i tightened the clutch cover down, so i removed a fairly thick washer that i had below that gear and allowed it to sink a little deeper into the clutch cover. i reinstalled it without the spring. it allows the crank to spin, but still can't turn the starter lever. makes me think the teeth are too chewed up, even after filing them nice and smooth.

on top of the semicircular gear i have a thin washer, and the same one on top of the gear it meshes with. on the clutch i'm using a thin wavy crush washer, and have the nut torqued to about 25 ft-lbs. the clutch plate seems pretty flattened. i have an assortment of spacers and washers but am not sure what goes where, or if any more are necessary. it didnt come as a complete unit.

my crank is fairly new, new bearings and seals, unsiezed kit and piston. bottom end is all put together properly and spins freely without the clutch assembly tightened down.

i notice that when i put the semicircular gear and the spring together and turn it to the "starting point" and press it down to where it's supposed to sit, that the gear sits a bit higher than it does when the spring is not installed. i think it might be ok if it sat a bit lower, but i can't get it to sink any lower. spring is a new one from treats, the old one was stretched and weak.

the only other thing i can think of is that the semicircular gear and it's mate are too chewed up, but they don't seem all that bad. also that i might have the spacers/washers wrong.

here's the only diagram i've found, the parts are numbered but not labeled:


any help on getting this thing to sit together right, turn over freely, and spin with the starter lever would be greatly appreciated. also i tried this out in the moped repair forum but it's pretty dead over there.


oh, p.s. i need a starter lever too, i'm using a wrench.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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