seen on there i fixed it

nice moped, too bad it's on a site making fun of the plate on a messenger bag

Re: seen on there i fixed it

perfect solution for a multiple ped lifestyle..... or if the metermaids ticket you for parking on the sidewalk in downtown chicago.

Re: seen on there i fixed it

yea thats how alot of us do it here in ks, cops cant tell a puch from a derbi unless they "used to have one that went 80mph" ive used the "holy crap i guess my plate rattled off sir, you know these things just rattle every screw!" followed by a cheezey american smile.

Re: seen on there i fixed it

seen on willD's thread 2 weeks ago

Funny to see a moped on there, but yeah, people do the backpack license plate mount all the time, makes sense.

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