BBQ-How'd it go?

Hi,fellow mopeders! Was the BBQ a success,even with all the rain?Some of us excluded ones (because of distance) are curious.

Re: BBQ-How'd it go?

it didn't rain at all. so that was great. we had about 200 people come and go during the day. 31 mopeds raced in our crazy cross-town rally race. no tickets. no crashes. only 2-3 breakdowns. lots of moped repair and commaraderie. several new members were publicly introduced. two branches showed up, making this the first multi-branch event. several people from the forum showed up, making this a more-than-local event as well.

all in all, it was great. i had a blast, both just hanging out and (especially!) in the crazy race. i placed 6th, and hope to do better at labor day, although the competition is getting tougher for everyone. it was an absolute success beyond any doubt. we were also on four local newscasts during the day.

Re: BBQ-How'd it go?

mike hartel /

It was sweet and i guess some one did get a ticket for doubleing up but i was un clear.And its defenet im am riding my elite to the labor day event because i just took it to shop to get diled in and a tire swarm =DESTROY! Mike hartel.

Re: BBQ-How'd it go?

Great! Thanks for the update,Mike and Miguel! I could swear I just heard the Sebring's Minarelli turn over from jealousy! Why is this guy Bill so fast? Is his `ped really hopped up?Or maybe is he a little guy who doesn't weigh down the 50 or so cc's?Thanks for the reply! BYE!

Re: BBQ-How'd it go?

bill is a little guy ... and he's a great mechanic and knows puch very well ... but mainly he's insane. he rode full throttle non-stop. he was going to either win or die in a horrible wreck. i ran all the red lights, even cut off an ambulance and rode all over sidewalks ... and i still only came in 6th.

hey, it was nice to meet you mike. it was great you came all the way from charlotte. if you do ride over, though, be sure you ride w/ at least one other person. safety first (except in the race, hehe!).

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