leaf blower powered moped

I was thinking about making a moped engine out of a leaf blower

to attach to my bike. If anybody has any personal experience or

know how to convert it, that would be great if you can e-mail me

instructions or a web site. I would appreciate any replies.

P.S. I first got the idea from a different forum and they said

that leaf blowers can power a moped quieter and faster with the

same amount of horsepower as a trimmer or chainsaw engine. It

was also mentioned that they could travel about 50mph with about

a 2horsepower engine. I have been looking for that forum ever

since. If you want a lawn trimmer powered moped, you can look

at www.carrprecision.com There they have already made engines

and kits that you can order for about $400 for a ready-to-run

engine. They go around 25-30mph and get about 300mpg. GOOD


My e-mail is siuribe@cs.com

Re: leaf blower powered moped

Wayne Broderick /

Have you looked into "whizzer" type motors? They sell lots of engines for "motorized bicycles"

Or are you just doing it for the challenge, and cause you've got the parts?

Re: leaf blower powered moped

Hi,Matt! I think if you read the ad carefully on the Carr precision,or maybe it's another one I've read,that the 300mpg is contingent upon how much you pedal to assist that engine.If I'm wrong on this,I apologize.Also,one thing I've heard about bikes that you motorize is that they're the devil to get stopped when traveling at 30mph+.That's a safety mod. you might want to think about doing also.BYE!

Re: leaf blower powered moped


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