Mopeds in LA

I have a Puch Maxi-Luxe and the back tire popped Friday. Does anyone know where in LA I could get this fixed?


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Crash Bandicoot /


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CHOKE 4157 NORMAL AVE. LOS ANGELES, CA. 90029 323.662.4653

or do it yourself if you feel up to it.

And you can buy spare inner tubes at choke or online somewhere like

good luck !

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Andrew Bowser /


Re: Mopeds in LA

all you need are some blunt tire spoons to prevent puncturing your new inner tube, it's just like changing a bike tire only there are nuts on the valve stem

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Letting the tires warm up in the sun helps, as does soapy water. It also helps if you have the bead of the first side sit in the middle of the rim as you get the second side over the rim. Make sure to get the beads to seat once you inflate.

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BryAn eurism /

Slime ftw, only leaves you walking if you hit a big one, till then, run every penny off the tread

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