Any Suggestions on rentals insurance that covers..


i rent a garage. its more like a tin can,in a shady crimeridden alley in the HOOD of southwest philly. so i want to insure it in case of break ins( 10 garages have been broken into next to mine) or a fire or some dumb shit. i called all state and state farm,they said they do not cover that. the space is seperate from my house and i rent from a guy.

any idea's or suggestions? please refrain from "funny" remarks or telling me to move. i am asking a serious question. thanks.

Re: Any Suggestions on rentals insurance that cove

My renters insurance covers all "recreational" vehicles. So it covers the mopeds, bicycles, and dirtbikes that are stored at my house (provided they are locked up) with a 500 dollar deductible. which is more than any of them are worth anyways... hah.

Basically though if it's a full motorcycle, you need to have it registered. Different states have different laws but theres usually a limit on unregistered vehicles you can have on a property. generally they require some insurance as well. If you insure it as a "recreational vehicle" you can get it covered under homeowners for theft if it's stolen from your home. Otherwise you gotta insure it for theft under the motorcycle policy.

Bicycles get protected by homeonwers generally everywhere which is rad. if it gets stolen from a store - it's covered.

I use progressive, I had to talk to a rep. It might be pretty danged expensive in a shitty neighbor hood.

Re: Any Suggestions on rentals insurance that cove


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