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while cleaning out my inbox today i found this message. It's always good to hear of other moped riders getting revenge on thieves and vandals:


Ah, it warms <a href="">my 31-year-old</a> heart to read about your moped club. I'm writing to tell you a few things. Feel free to post this message to your forum, if you like.

My friends and I had a moped club here in Lawrence, KS in the mid-1980s (perhaps before some of you were born?); we wore denim jackets and called ourselves the Heck's Angels. I have been riding my 1982 Honda Urban Express for over 15 years. Scooters have gone in and out of style about three times during that period, but my beast and I have always been together. It's about love, not fashion! It is clear that you guys feel the same way about it and it is wonderful to see.

I made the mistake of leaving my moped on campus overnight; the next day I recieved a phone call from the local police dispatch. My beautiful beast had been stolen and completely destroyed (They ripped off her headlight to remove the ignition, then "jumped" her until her frame was broken). Amazingly, the cops caught the perpetrators. You can bet that those brats (or their parents) are going to pay to replace her. When I see them in court, I will be thinking not only of me, but of all the others who have lost their mopeds.

And when I get a new two-wheeled companion, I will celebrate by buying a MOPED ARMY tee shirt. Power to the people!


Re: Cleaning out my inbox

I think those kids should be jumped until THEIR frames are broken.

Jim C.

Re: Cleaning out my inbox

That reminds me of the story I got at the police department this afternoon. My Derby has been recovered, got the call last night about 12:11 according to the voice mail. Anyway a couple of kids were riding my stolen ped around the north side (those of you in k-zoo can vouch that part of town is on the wrong side of the tracks) when the front tire blew and they lost control and skidded into an intersection where a car struck them from the right. From the looks of the ped I

Re: Cleaning out my inbox

He "doesn't know the name of the driver"?? HA! Come on man, that couldn't possibly be true, right?

Re: Cleaning out my inbox

of course it's not true ... it's that damn honor among thieves bit. you'd think the kid would rat the other kid out. after all, his "anonymous" friend nearly got him killed ... and left him after a horrible accident probably mangled his leg. not much of a friend, if you ask me. certainly not one worth lying to the cops for.

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