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What a raging success the Moped BBQ 4 was, thanks to you guys that rode out to say hey, (sorry Ree that i wasn't as big as you imagined me to be). There were about 40 bikes around, and 31 were in the big race that culminated the day. Tons of bikes got the attention they needed, and i got to meet some really awsome people. Janus, and the Blue Shirt Holiday both drove out to hang out, and channel 3 made us there lead story. i am proud to be a aprt of this.


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Simon King /

agreed. this year was bigger and better than ever. i'm really happy that all the people who came a distance were able to come.

i'll have photos up soon, and hopefully some video too...


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Damnit! I wanted to come so bad... I'll be there next year if it kills me. I'l make the trek from Maryland on my Puch!

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Reeperette /

It was a blast, yeah..I think we really captured the hearts of those newsies, given that they decided to shoot a lot more footage than they had any need for, and more or less..c'mon, we know it, they were hanging OUT with us, more than they were reporting on anything.

I think they were having as good a time as we were !


(Yannow...I wonder if we could get copies of alla the footage and produce a Moped Army 'documentary' of sorts...?)

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yeah, the cameraman was going crazy about the fun he had riding a moped for the first time. and they stayed there ALL day. even after the news was on at 6pm, they were still there. so they hung out w/ us for about 8hrs. it was great.

the race was intense. the number of out-of-towners was awesome. three branches were there, and one non-decepticon placed 3rd in the race. so that was good. all around ... it was a great event. i can't wait for the labor day bbq5!

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I acctually could try to get the raw footage, tomorrow I'm going to get a copy of the package (the story they ran) and try to get the acctual news casts too, which has alittle more banter between the anchors. The whole shebang was a blast, I'm looking forward to labor day.-john

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Simon King /

can you get a copy of all the broadcasts? we were on at 12,5,6,and 11.

whatever you get i'll try to digitize and get on the site.

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Ron Brown /

I had a great time. Never seen so many peds before. I missed being in the race because my peds were at Bell's brewery having a beer while I was eating and helping someone wrench (long story).

I did get to ride in the "swarm around the block a couople of times" and as Miguel can attes, my bone stock Motobecane model 7's held thier own.

Stats for the trip:

Mieage on ped 1 = 191, mileage on ped 2 = 216. I have no idea how they are this much different, I suspect the truth is somwhere in between.

Started the trip with full tanks, leaked some from one due to loose fuel line, bought 2.4 gallons and have about .5 tank left in each. Gas mileage about 100 mpg.

Fun Per Mile/Hour, infinite.


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so what kind of moped won the race?

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first, puch,

second, Milani, (minarelli)

third, tomos

all had tuned pipes.

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Hellcat Carrie /

And next race, Sachs will place!

Re: Moped BBQ

If I can resurrect my Derbi I plan on winning with that. But Bill has a pretty good method down. He

Re: Moped BBQ

ron is totally right. that stock motobecane of his was very fast. i was incredibly impressed. too bad he missed the race ... he could've been a strong contender. but it was great riding around the block a few times in a huge swarm. mad props to him and his "bartender" for riding five hours to get here. that was awesome.

bill's crazy last-minute puch hurt team minarelli. but dan came through for us and placed. tuned pipes is totally the way to go. but competition is only going to get tougher. w/ more mopeds each race, and w/ more out-of-towners (and locals) w/ improved performance 'peds, we mean to pressure bill (two-time champion now) more and more.

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