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ok, I'm recieving a moped from a friend (has no engine). The moped is a puch, I have no Idea the year. My friend told me his cousin has an engine that will work on this puch. If this engine does not work, is there some way I could get an engine for the moped, or is this going to be a pain in the ass? I was also hoping someone from the moped army could hook me up with some help on looking it over and getting it to work, I want the moped to be my main source of transportation this summer consider gas prices I heard should be up near 3 BUCK A GALLON, I am from portage, please give me some feedback.

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Wayne Broderick /

If you really want a moped as your main transportation, you should consider buying one that runs, unless you're a great mechanic.

This is why I got the Bi-turbo but not the 70 cc kit. They said it would produce great power, but I'd be repairing a lot more.

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Hi,Wayne! I think that's a smart way to go,unless you're `power mad' ! And the bi-turbo won't kill your gas mileage like a 70cc kit,will it? Plus probably a lot bigger jet would be needed in the carb,I imagine.

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email someone in the moped army directly. bill loves puch, and he can probably help you get it running if you ask him. someone else might also be available. you'd probably have to get it over to kzoo, though. if you need a completely new engine, you can probably get one, but it'll cost you. in that case, you might be better off buying a moped that already runs.

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If you are willing to get your hands dirty and learn some stuff there

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Ebay often has moped parts and engines available. Good luck to ya!

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my names is john and i used to live in portage and my first bike was a puch, that is all.-john

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ok, I hope you keep reading old threads so you could read this. I'm not sure what kind of puch it is but I found the same exact one in one of the bbq pictures its the second picture with the puch in the background, its silver. I also just got my first look at the moped and it needs work (its missing some parts) ie...peddle on one side, muffler ((I don't know if that is with the engine) I didn't get the engine yet) Its also missing a rubber piece, I guess for grip on the handle bars, kick stand. I really hope this works out, so far its dissapointing.

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ok. i think that's bill briegers puch mk2. i could be mistaken. it might be a erin's puch maxi (but i thought that had a smaller seat).

don't worry about it missing parts. puchs are very very verycommon. even w/ different types of mopeds, they essentially have the exact same engine. the only nonuniversal parts might be body parts. levers, engine parts, switches, all that are completely standard. you can get parts for that bike and get it running w/o any problems.

call handy bikes and ask for bj to get parts. they ship nationwide. we always go through them. also, check out the mopedjunkyard.com and see what parts they might have for you that you'll need. even if there aren't pictures of the part, just email and ask for them. they will know (either place) and help you out.

fixing mopeds seems difficult ... but it's not. you can get it down pretty quickly. always feel free to come down to kzoo and look for people at the deceptiplex who can help. i don't know much about puch (i have a minarelli engine), but we have lots of members who do.

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on second inspection, i think that bike was veronica's. i think she rides a maxi sport (if i remember right). either way, same engine. not a problem. call handy bikes and get yourself up and running.

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