Please explain biturbo

I'm pretty new to mopeds and I keep reading about biturbo mufflers. Is this the same as what we used to call a tuned muffler on a snowmobile? Can they be fitted to most mopeds? Would I have to modify the carburator too? I'd like to get off the line a little quicker with my Autopower and this sounds like it may be the answer.

Re: Please explain biturbo

Wayne Broderick /

A tuned muffler is a bi-turbo. The easiest way to soup up most mopeds. I was told that the older Tomos's would need a carb upgrade if I bought the Bi-turbo. The dude said the 2000 model has a big enough carb so I won't need to upgrade that unless I want to.

I think the biturbo basically runs the engine with higher compression

Re: Please explain biturbo

BiTurbo is a brand name of a tuned pipe.

There are other brands.

And yes it is the same concept as a tuned pipe for any 2 stroke (like a snowmobile)

And you don't necessarily HAVE to fiddle with the carb... but more than likely it will need a richer main jet... (and if you put a pipe on without putting in a richer main.. keep an eye on the spark plug or you could seize the piston).

Biturbo Question

Wayne Broderick /

Does anyone know if what I was told by AAA mopeds is true?

They said a 2000 Targa wouldn't need a new carb if I added the biturbo--

Were they just trying to sell me the pipe? (I said I didn't want to do the carb..) they said the new models had a larger 'main'

Secondly, should I do the carb? Will I see much extra? I saw a ton of power w/the biturbo added


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-Brian- The Ruffians STL /


Noone gives a shit about the 1977 porno or any of the rest of it, asshats.

Biturbo's are a poorly made pipe. Go to to find a pipe. there are lots of aftermarket pipes that will increase your top end because they let the bike rev higher. You'll need to upjet your carb, but that's very simple to do as well.

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Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

BiTurbo is th Dodge of pipes. Low cost and fast. You can spend more and get more durable, but the performance difference will be slight. I ran a test on my Tomos TTLX with 70 Airsal. I installed all 3 pipes and GPSed

Jamarcol 45.5

Techno Bullet 46

BiTurbo 47

Biturbo won by 1 mph. $65 The down side is that the resonator can on the end is riveted on, and tends to vibrate loose and eventually fall off. Keep an eye on it.

If you want the Ferrari of pipes, there are plenty of $200 awsome pipes out there for Tomos. Don't expect to pick up more than a couple of mph, but you will get beauty and durability for your extra coin.

Re: Biturbo Question

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

I forgot to mention.

You do NOT have to change your carb. You may need to change or file your main jet on the dellorto. Do a plug chop after installing the pipe if it sounds like it is running decent(see wiki). It will tell you if you need to make adjustments. Typically you may need to go a number or two higher (example if you have a 52, you may need a 54) to richen the air/fuel mix. I just use jet files to enlarge the existing jet instead of buying bigger ones. Occasionally the pipe will fool you and you actually need a smaller jet. This is rare but it does happen. When I installed my techno bullet on my A3 tri-ped, it richened up (unburned fuel was going back into the combustion chamber) and needed a smaller jet.

Re: Biturbo Question

yeah but in 2001 biturbo was the best for money as none of those pipes you had mentioned had come out...

Re: Biturbo Question

Wow a post with Wayne in it from back in 2001.

Check dates before you reply.

Re: Please explain biturbo

I'll teach you how to say biturbo.. it goes something like this.. Bi-turd-O..

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