Tuned pipe on a kinetic TFR

Has anyone ever put a tuned pipe on their TFR. I know you can get them from www.cosmotors.com but i do not know what kind of pipe that is and such. Right know i am waitng for a polini pipe for a vespa grande to arrive here. I'm hoping that i can somehow jerry rig it on there. I've done soem measurements and it looks like it will work. Also the Bore, Stroke, etc. is the same on the kinetic and Vespa Ciao, Bravo, etc. I believe, so hopefully i can get my tfr hitting 40 (goes about 35 now). Thanks

Re: Tuned pipe on a kinetic TFR

I've got about 450 miles on my TRF now. Runs great but tops out about 28 mph. Sounds like it is going to vibrate apart at that speed. So I run about 24 mph most of the time. That must be some high tach rpms at 35 mph. Does your TFR vibrate and buzz at high rpm's?

Re: Tuned pipe on a kinetic TFR

Yes it does vibrate to the point where i my feet begin to feel numb haha. Be carefull all this vibration does cause the ped to shake alot of stuff lose. Especially in the beginnning. Once you tighten everything and shake it done, the kinetic is a nice bike.

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