I'm rained out for BBQ

Wish I could get there, but tomorrow night looks like a bucket of water in northern Indiana where i was to camp (today was a tornado, i've been watching the weather channel). Post all the good stories and have fun!

rain all day

gimmyjimmy /

just got back from our event, rain,rain,rain, hope yours is dry, jim

Re: rain all day

Reeperette /

Bah, I've pedded through a tropical storm once...this is cake.

If it rains, it rains...


Re: rain all day

moped army bbq will go, rain or shine. we'll also race no matter what. it just means that those of us w/ good brakes have an added edge (or perhaps those w/o have an excuse to be more daring?).

Re: rain all day

Simon King /

hopefully this won't be that big of an issue. the forecast is showing scattered showers - and clear on the next day. so i'm guessing that it won't be too bad.

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