BBQ Race (Video Footage?)

Wayne Broderick /

Is it possible for one of you maniacs to strap a camera to the ped or to the helmet?

This is one of the coolest things I've ever heard of---!!

Perhaps the Moped Army core of Engineers will be able to digitize some footage for posterity!

I'm in Portland, Maine, so I can't be there in person.

____Drive Safe________!!!

Re: BBQ Race (Video Footage?)

that's a good idea. it'd have to be someone who knows they won't place, though. since most of us are doing everything we can to get any bit of speed more out of 50cc.

check some of the older photos in the photo sections. there are photos of previous bbqs.

Re: BBQ Race (Video Footage?)

Reeperette /

I'd do it....discuss it when I get there.

We had somethin similar once, but I'll get into that at another time.


Re: BBQ Race (Video Footage?)

Simon King /

maybe not mounted on a helmet, but there will definetly be some video digitized and put on the site for you to check out. plenty of photos too of course.

Re: BBQ Race (Video Footage?)

Simon King /

I also have footage from last year when we were on the news - i'll try and get that digitized too.

Re: BBQ Race (Video Footage?)

Wayne Broderick /

What I want is actual video of any parts of the race.

Like I said, I'm in Portland, Maine, and I couldn't make it. I'm going to make one of these races happen here in Maine. It's still a little early in the season, but I'm already patrolling for enough members to form a Moped Army Branch in Maine...

This race is the coolest. I've been counting the days-- it's unfolded in my mind over and over. Mopeds speeding, racing, jumping curbs and doing wheelies... anything anything to win....

racing and pacing and plotting a course...

The look on the pedestrians faces... as all the fast peds scream by... followed by the slower peds...

(I picture a big fat dude on a 10 speed with a whizzer engine bringing up the rear, hoping against hope that a huge moped pile up will give him the victory)

Good Luck, All!

Re: BBQ Race (Video Footage?)

i'm glad you love the idea of the race. i hope you get to make one happen near you. good luck finding members for a branch!

Re: BBQ Race (Video Footage?)

Rob Hoehn /

Let me know when you do the race in Maine, I will be there. I am in Northern NY and up for the drive...

Re: BBQ Race (Video Footage?)

i think somewhere up there are lots of moped rentals? or is that upstate ny? i hope you can get some people for a branch and/or a race. our pennsylvania branch might be able to make it. or the canada guys. good luck! a race is so much fun, even for people who just come to watch. and they usually go away wanting a moped badder than anything.

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