Stolen Moped - Willingboro, NJ

Simon King /

Dear Sir/Madame,

My son's moped was stolen from outside of our house yesterday. Iwould lkie to

know if you could post it on your sight and perhaps someone will run across


It is a black targa with silver lettering, serial #ZZ1A62124YK018466.

We believe a neighborhood kid took it and gave it to his friend who had asked

my son a few times about buying it.

We live in Willingboro, NJ and the police said that my son and one other kid

are the only known and registered owners of mopeds in this area.

Thank you,

Helen Connell

Re: Stolen Moped - Willingboro, NJ

Hi! I'm sure the MOPEDARMY will be out in force on you behalf to see the villain is caught and your bike returned. BYE!

Re: Stolen Moped - Willingboro, NJ

damn! too bad we don't have a branch in nj to help you out. i sure hope you find the stolen moped. we just had three mopeds stolen in town today. one was recovered ... we're hoping to get the other(s) soon enough.

Re: Stolen Moped - Willingboro, NJ


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