Tomos Targa LX

I purchased one of these beautiful little toys for 700. Everything on it is damn near brand new. Some guy had it just sittin in his garage, I guess his son didn't need it anymore or whatever. It only had 180 miles on it. I've driven it about 20 miles now and I've noticed it has a significant amount of drag on the hills and where I live it's all country. I've also noticed this little thing can actually carry two people, but it's not to good for the engine. Now what can you guys tell me about this thing? I've already found my top speed. I've got it up to 40 on some nice hills then it quits accelerating, I've got a flat now, I ran over a spike or something when I was in town I guess. So gimme some pointers and tips if you can. Thanks~

Re: Tomos Targa LX

Wayne Broderick /

Buy a biturbo exhaust.

Re: Tomos Targa LX

Hi! Just remember that your bike is not broken in yet.Don't be too hard on it to start with.I know it's got auto-injection, but if you would add an extra ounce of oil to each gallon of gas before you pour it in,you'll help it to break in more safely.Make sure not to use synthetic oil for at least 300 miles,though. It can actually keep the rings from seating properly because of its superior lubricating(way less friction)qualities. It's the same reason that car mnanufacturers tell us not to use STP oil treatment or similar products for the first 1000 or so miles. If you break it in right,your performance might increase to where you don't want or need a BI-TURBO exhaust.It just depends on whether you like peace and quiet or a racin' pipe sound with more performance.HAPPY MOPEDING!

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