Public Service Announcement

SteelToad /

CAUTION: Moped exhaust pipes may be hot.

If after riding your moped for about 10 miles, you suspect that your exhaust pipe

may be loose. DO NOT under any circumstances let your fingers rest against the

pipe while looking at the connection.

Doing so may lead to large swolen red blisters on your fingers, and a very stupid

look on your face when you try to explain how it happened.

You have been warned.

Re: Public Service Announcement

Ron Brown /

This goes right along with:

Never catch anything as it falls off the grill.

Never catch a soldering iron as it falls.

Never catch a knife as it falls.

Never catch your dart if it bounces off the board.

Never touch any rotating machinery.

Don't ask how I know all these things.


Re: Public Service Announcement

Some years ago the cops were chasing this guy on a Harley Sportster thru the neighborhood I was driving in. As I was stopping for the cops, he came around the corner in front of me and lost the rear exhaust pipe. After everyone passed, I got out of my car to pick up that cool exhuast pipe.

Cool was not the operative word here!!!


Re: Public Service Announcement

Thank you for the public announcement,Mr.STEEL TOAD! Now let me give you a warning.If I ever catch you pouring cold water on my exhaust pipe so as to handle it after a hot day's run, I will personally saw you up and serve you to the nearest hungry STEELHEAD Salmon that passes by!!!! And you know that this not only means dismemberment but also a slow death by rust as well! By the way,it must be nice to be able to eat while `pedding by just opening your mouth as you ride.

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