Gas Tank rusted

I just found you guys! What a great resource you are. Fred - love your "how to fix a moped". I have a 1980 Motobecane Moby and just bought a 1979 Mobylette, hoping to make one out of two - or maybe with your help, two out of two.

Both tanks seem to have rust inside. What do I do?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Gas Tank rusted

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Search this forum with one or more of the following key words:





This subject has been covered in great detail.


Re: Gas Tank rusted

Glad you found us too! Gotta keep the moped alive anyway we can.

If you use the Search feature in the light gray bar running across the top of this message, you can find all the posts dealing with rusty gas tanks. I'd search under "rusty gas tank".


Re: Gas Tank rusted

Hey John, i tryed cleaning my tank with phospheric acid as told by this forum and it didnt work so great, if you live near any moped shops or motorcycle shops i would give them a call and ask if they have anything to fix it. i got a kit that cleans the inside of the tank and coats it with a certain type of paint for 30 bucks and it worked great! hope this helps ya out.

Re: Gas Tank rusted

Ron... Why don't you go back and find your original full length explanation of fixing rusty gas tanks and cut and paste it and repost it new for these guys everytime (or every other time?) they ask this question ?

Because by now if he searches he will hit a whole lot of half-answers and replies to replies to replies... and they are not all that helpful

And when Simon redoes this site with different software... submit it to him and I am sure he will put in as a permanent "How-to" ..seeing as how it gets asked once a week.

Re: Gas Tank rusted

Ron Brown /


Ask and ye shall receive.


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