stripped bolt heads

Does anyone know how to remove a stripped screw? My friend's old tomos' engine is impossible to get into unless you remove the engine covers, and these covers are help with a couple of screws which are about 75% stripped. I can't think of any way to really remove them, though I'm sure the local hardware store could replace them if they were "accidentally" destroyed in the removal process!



Re: stripped bolt heads

what kind of screws? if they're phillips you might try an impact driver (a screwdriver where you slam on it with a hammer causing it to both apply a lot of pressure and turn the screw at the same time). If you can get a pair of vice grips around it you might try 'hot-wrenching' it (use a propane torch on it to get it hot, then put the vice grips on and turn it). if you cant get any of these to work you can try and drill it out.. but that should be a last resort i think.

Re: stripped bolt heads

I'll try these ideas...thanks for responding!

Re: stripped bolt heads

As long as they are not hardened screws, I usually will drill the head off using a bit just slightly bigger than the screw shaft. Drill just deep enough to get the head to fall off. After you remove the cover, the remaining portion of the screw sticks out, leaving a great place to grab it with Vice-Grips.

Jim C.

Re: stripped bolt heads

Spartovi, i'd recommend

first, never underestimate the power of wd-40 or liquid wrench(leave them on all night to avoid tendinitis) if you've tried the vice grip method, and that's failed too, then

you have another (maybe last) resort. I use this on the car all the time. First you need a set of titanium drill bits, which drill through the softer bolt metal. They look golden in color; you can get them at an auto parts dealer; buy a whole set. Next, you need some bits that are called "reversible" or some such (the parts dealer will know you need them).

Drill with titanium slightly smaller diameter than the bolt; remove the bit and then drill in the reversing bit (you must have a drill that can drill in reverse for this). If you're lucky and have a powerful drill, the drill torque will loosen the bolt. Otherwise (which is usually the case) remove the drill and tap the bit gently from side to side with a hammer. This usually loosens the most stubborn rust/corrosion so you can twist it out with an adjustable wrench. If not, spray yourself, the machine and everybody else again with wd- 40 or liquid wrench and try again in the morning. Lastly, if the dang thing still won't come out, you can drill with the same size titanium bit as the bolt itself and use a slightly larger bolt/nut than you had before.

Re: stripped bolt heads

And if all else fails, use an easy-out. That's what they are made for and if you lnow what you are doing they work. Just don't try it unless you can find someone who knows the trick or you'll break it off in the screw, then you're screwed.

Re: stripped bolt heads

I just Use a Hammer & Chisel. I Chisel out a little groove Then try to get it to spin off. I have never had this method fail. But U do need to Get new bolts thats the only down side, but yeah wd-40 or som kind of penetrating oil always helps also.

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