1977 Puch jcpenney pinto

I was wondering if anyone has the madel of moped, and if they could tell me a few things about it, since I just got it.What size of light bulb, where to find parts online,etc.


Re: 1977 Puch jcpenney pinto

The Pinto is Puch produced for Penney's, like the Sears Free Spirit.

Mechanical parts will be the same as a Puch Maxi. Controls and cables would be generic moped items.

Pinto specific parts would be a problem, but this Forum and Ebay can be a lead on that kind of stuff.

Yours is a limited production model since JC Penny probably didn't sell too amny of them.

The Moped Forum on moped.org had arecent post on the Pinto.

Jim C.

Re: 1977 Puch jcpenney pinto

These are awesome bikes and the good news is that you can find puch parts for it. They may not be the exact original, but they'll function fine.

Re: 1977 Puch jcpenney pinto

ware can i get parts do you know?

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