Yamaha QT 50


I just had a Yamaha QT 50 arrive at my door yesterday afternoon.

I could smell the poor thing before I could see it. It reeks of bad gas and looks to have been poorly stored for a number of years. All I've done so far is remove the gas tank (REAL bad rust an gunk inside) and remove the battery (dead).

I am sure I will have some questions and will be looking for advice. Is this the proper forum for this little bike?

Also does anyone know if this little battery is advailable? Is there an online type resource for stuff like carb kits? Anyone have a resource for parts new or used?

Thanks in advance


Re: Yamaha QT 50

Source for parts? ... click the choices above for "resources"

If that ped doesn't have electric start leave the dead battery in (as you don't have to have a good batt to run a non-electric start ped)

For now don't worry about the rusty gas tank... just buy an inline fuel filter and install it in the gas line going to the carb.

Just concentrate on getting it running for now.

There is a guide on this forum called "How To Fix Your Moped" that I wrote.. use it to get it running.. and scroll down and look for sectiona on any particular item.

Re: Yamaha QT 50

Well its a Runner!!! After removeing and cleaning the carb and Gas tank,adding a fuel filter,and cleaning up and refilling the old battery,it started on the third kick. Been down to the store an back with no troubles :).

I also had to patch the tube in the rear tire, an easy job on this shaft drive.

I cleaned the gas tank with carb cleaner and a handfull of crushed stones....just dumped them in and Shake baby Shake!

It worked well and removed most of the crud.

Thanks for your help and I hope you have a safe and successful BBQ tomorrow.


Re: Yamaha QT 50

I have a QT 50 and it wont run, all it does is kicks over and then ticks over then when you try to rev it nothing happens !! I think it may be the stata or the cdi ??! Do you know where i could get one from at a cheap price because I have no money because I am 15 !!

Thanx !!

Re: Yamaha QT 50


Wait, don't jump to a costly conclusion. Copy Freds post on getting a Moped to run. If you have spark at the plug, your problen is more than likely a fuel delivery problem. Take your time, go over it, and don't be scared to ask questions about how something comes apart etc.

Good luck.


Re: Yamaha QT 50

Hi, i am new to this forum but i need help, i live in the uk and have recently been given what i believe to be a yamaha QT 50 moped, i am having difficulty tracking down the only parts i require to get the ped back on the road, these parts being the piston and cylinder. the ppl that had it before me left it standing for 5 years and the piston welded itself into the cylinder and to try and remove it they hit it with a hammer and screwdriver which inevitably smashed the piston to pieces and severely damaged the cylinder, i am really enthusiastic about this ped as it is VERY low mialage and has apparently only done a coupe of hundred miles. the condition of the engine and original tires backs up this claim :) look forward to hearing from u soon.

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