I got a Moped! woohoo......

I live in Illinois about an hour north of Chicago and i deliver pizza. When i was delivering a deep dish, cheese and sausage, I asked some guy if he wanted to sell it and he told me to just take it. Its a AMF Roadmaster but it doesn't look like the ones on this site. The kid who drove it before hit a hole in his front yard where a tree used to be and ripped the front shocks out. Have any of you guys replaced them with a different kind? I was thinking Rock Shox or something from a bike.



Re: I got a Moped! woohoo......

post a pic of it if you can, does it look like this with a different paint job?


moped army

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Re: I got a Moped! woohoo......

Alkaline - congrats .... I purchased a moped about a month ago to commute back and forth to work. I live near Rockford, IL. BEWARE when you go to register it and get plates (which you MUST do to be legal on the road). The secretary of State's office doesn't have a CLUE!!!! They tried to tell me that I had to get a motorcycle driver's license - which you don't if it's under 50cc. I had to have them look at their own web site! It has taken some people in Illinois several trips to get it straight! Good luck, and have fun!

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