Puch Maxi Wiring

I have a Puch Maxi 1980 1.5hp. The wiring diagrams on the Internet show 5 wires from the magneto to the moped. This moped has an additional 6th wire

color-coded ( BLUE/BLACK Stripe. What's the purpose of this wire? The wire is

bundled with the headlamp/on-off/horn/ etc. Thanks in advance.

Re: Puch Maxi Wiring


I got a Haynes Puch manual. According to the manual.

Grey - Running tail light

Green/Black - Ground/Ignition Coil

Green - Brake light switch

Yellow - (#56) Terminal on Lighting switch/horn switch

Blue - Ignition Coil

Blue/Black - Horn & (H) Terminal on Lighting switch/horn switch

Hope this helps

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