BSH @ BBQ4!!!

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It's settled, we (Dave & me) are renting a cargo van and are coming out for the BBQ. We are going to the DEMF in detroit on sunday and may need a place to stay that night.

There is someone that may take us in sunday night right outside of detroit; then we would leave there at 7-8 am to get to kalamazoo for coffee by 10.

If we come to Kalamazoo sunday night, it may be a bit after midnight. We will probably leave detroit around 10:30-11:00 pm.

Either way we will be there monday morning; phone # or address of a place to stay sunday night is appreciated. email me and dave with them.

Also, I am unsure if we are leaving monday night to drive back or tuesday morning. Most likelly, we'll need some sleep monday night for the long drive back to bethlehem. Im sure that could be arranged monday though.


p.s. (Is there a map of the race? I mean, we are really unfamiliar with kalamzoo and are at a disavanted of racing. Anyway i cant wait to ride 20+ stong!!!!!!

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Re: BSH @ BBQ4!!!


awsome! you are more than welcome to come crash here sunday night, our address is

821 w south st apt #3

Kalamazoo, Mi 49007

our phone number is 616 342 0372.

we will give you a tour of the race beforehand, so it will be more fair for you guys.

give us a call when you are close to kalamazoo.


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