Which Gas is the Best Gas

Kyle Witten /

Which gas is better for an older moped ['78 Tomos]? I am not worried about price per gallon, because the Marathon stations in my town offer all grades same price on Wendsdays.



Re: Which Gas is the Best Gas

Chris Robertson /

It doesn't matter. Use the cheap stuff. Octane is just an anti-knock rating --it won't make your moped run faster or better.

Re: Which Gas is the Best Gas

Droopy Drawls /

Higher octane gas has more double hydrogen bonds and therefore resists combustion better. It is only used for high performance engines with higher compression. Since the fuel will not auto-combust at high pressures, you can compress the fuel mixture more, which burns more efficiently, making a larger explosion and creating more power. You don't have enough compression in your engine to make use of this effect. Actually, it has a negative effect since it will retard the ignition timing. I AM WATCHING YOU!

Re: Theyr'e all the same, kinda...

Out here in the L.A. area we only have a few refineries. The gas that is sold to the independents comes from these refineries. They buy on the spot market and get it from whomever has the best price. So if you buy from an independent distributor, it could be Shell, Mobil/Exxon, Chevron/Texaco, Arco/BP, even Ultramar on any given day. If Evangelist Pat Robertson can get EPA approval, the old Powerine Refinery in Santa Fe Springs may open up again under the CENCO name providing another source. Yep. His organization owns a major share of that facility

Of course lately the price has been about two bucks for the cheap stuff for a while now, no matter where you get it.

Let the SUV drivers worry about the price!

Jim C.

Re: Theyr'e all the same, kinda...

WOW, WE ARE CRING, PAYING 1.43 GAL, The gas at the terminals in VA. are loaded onto different Brands. The only differance have saw was the different branded gasolines add there own addatives right there at the bulk plant, before delivery. Doug D.

Re: Try both

I don't know about the older peds but on the newer ones i gain about 3mph on 93 octane & another 5mph by going to a hotter plug, i also use a temp guage because weight + heat = death for a moped.

Re: Which Gas is the Best Gas

Speaking of gas, I think I read somewhere that gasoline with alcohol added to it was bad for mopeds. Has anyone heard anything about this? If so, are there certain brands that use gasohol?

Re: Which Gas is the Best Gas

Ron Brown /


In Michigan, if gas has alcohol added, it must be posted on the pump. You might check to see if this is true in your state.

As for it being bad for the ped, alcohol is more corosive that gas and can attack certain plastict that gas will not, but most modern engines are built to run on 10% alcohol with no problem.


Re: Which Gas is the Best Gas

Hi,Peggy! This is my forte;to alcohol or not,that is the question.Although I know for a certainty that gasoline with alcohol is usually a cheaper brand sold with less pride in the product(having been on the quality side of selling MARATHON gas & oil for 12 yrs.)and knowing for a fact that the two best quality products in OHIO are from MARATHON and SHELL respectively, And knowing that what Ron says is true about the corrosion caused , I will still defer to STIHL CHAINSAWS and their vow to void your saw's warranty if they test the gas and find alcohol.ALCOHOL IS BAD FOR SMALL ENGINES AND NOT BENEFICIAL TO ANY LARGER ENGINES. It is not worth a rusty gas tank , rusty fuel line if metal),corroded or sticking carb parts,less fuel mileage(because less btu's),vapor pressure change in hot weather can cause gas to boil when idling or just after shut-off(commonly called vapor-locking),and other problems that show up with time.Having ALWAYS run quality gas with no ethanol or methanol,I have never had a small engine carburetion problem;Excepting a failed brass float or two.BUYING QUALITY WILL PAY YOU BACK IN PEACE OF MIND.Sorry I `ran on' but I do feel many mopeders could be saved a lot of headaches by throwing out the ethanol and methanol. BYE!

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