I like these guys

Ron Brown /

First, let me state for the record that this endorsement was in no way influenced by the free turbo charger, sent to me by Moped Warehouse, which boosted the speed of my ped to 72 MPH.

Last Saturday, having determined that my 78 Motobecane Model 7 had a bad ignition condensor, I got on the Moped Junkyard site and found a new one for $19.95. This price irked me a bit but I figured I would save time and aggravation so I began the order process. I enterd the part in the order form and was then instructed to enter a $5.00 handling charge. This did not seem too bad until I got to the end of the form where I was to agree to have my total deducted from my credit card plus shipping. Now I was looking at close to a $30.00 ignition capacitor.

Being a cheapskate, I bailed and because I have seen helpfull posts on this forum from them, I tried the mopedwarehouse.com. I sent them an email request for quote, then went back to the garage and successfully spliced a Honda condensor into the wiring harness.

On monday morning, I got a reply from Moped Warehouse offering me an original square condensor, with an explaination that it was more reliable than the round one, for $15.00 plus shipping. I replied with the following:

"Thanks for the info, I spliced a Honda cap into the wiring harness over the

weekend, but if the points start to burn I will get back to you with an


Today, I received this reply:

"Ok sounds good . The world needs more creative people.


I think Cris is the guy who has been posting to this forum. The interesting thing about his posts are that most of them are strictly trying to help with a problem by sharing his knowledge, not trying to sell something.

As I said, I like these guys. If you need parts, give them a chance to quote. That way I do not have to feel so guilty for making them look up a part and then not buying it!


Re: I like these guys

turbo charger?

Re: I like these guys

Chris Robertson /

72mph!? You'd better wear two helmets.

Re: I like these guys

Ron Brown /

One on each end!

This highly refined "Pogo Stick" suspension is rough on the rear!


Re: I like these guys

how did u hook up a turbo charger?

Re: I like these guys

Hi! I agree,Ron! I got great service from them on manuals and I'm ordering another because of it.BYE!

I don't like these guys

Ron forgot to tell you he switched his regular motor and put a Chevy V8 in his ped... then he put Nitrous on it... but that wasn't enough... so now he is turbocharging it.

And Ree ??

And I peaked over Ree's back fence and saw him rigging up an Air Force surplus helicopter gas turbine for his.

He also has a secret weapon... it is a shotgun shell propelled exploding artificial foot that is filled with oil... He says if Ron gets the lead he will point his leg just in front of Ron's bike and pull the trigger... the foot will hit the ground and cause a large oil slick on which Ron will then crash.

All that just to win the "Rusty Pedal award" at the Moped Army BBQ race!... I tell you... some people just HAVE to be the center of attention.

moped racing rules

i know most of you are kidding about turbochargers ... but the moped army bbq race does have rules. all entries must be mopeds (no scooters) 50cc or less, no manual transmission. i have no idea if turbochargers or whatnot are allowed. i'd check on that.

but keep in mind that the race is through city traffic. so speed isn't the only consideration. you also have to avoid other cars and the police (last year two people were issued tickets).

Re: I don't like these guys

Ron Brown /

Come on Fred, you're just worried that Ree and I will beat that Hayabusa you have been installing pedals and 50cc stickers on.


Re: moped racing rules

Ron Brown /


I'm glad you noticed we were kidding!

By the way, were either of those tickets for speeding and how proud of that were the perps?


Re: I don't like these guys

gimmyjimmy /

I hope someone gets some good pics of this BBQ/race. I can't wait to see how it went. Can't find any Vegas odds on the race yet, who should I put my money on?,

I think a jockey sized rider has a good chance, but I always lean towards POWER.

A pedal start race? It better start when the flag drops.

Don't stop for cops, you won't win that way.:-{)

Re: I like these guys

Ron, you are right about the Warehouse .They are helpful, price are hard to beat,have a good supply of new and used parts.he does carry manuals for about anything.I've went the same route with the $5 and there prices are higher Too. Dan

Re: I like these guys

oh and by the way.... i know u guys were kidding but actually 2 stroke engines DO NOT respond to any kind of turbo chaging/forced air. in fact in nascar and similar type races you cant race 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines in the same race. the reasoning behind this is the fact that 2 strokes are in fact already "turbo" chaged. as the piston is coming up it doesnt have to suck the air in.the presure in the crank case causes the the air/gas to be sucked in, as the presure is changed from a presure ot a vacuum. on a four stroke you have 3 strokes that are "dead" strokes and they are.... the exaust out stroke, air/gas in stroke, and the compression stroke. but on a 2 stroke ther are no "dead" strokes. well i hope this explains the therory of a 2 stroke....if any more explaination or querys are needed then just post and ask.

Crankcase compression

XBrandon EdgeX /

That reminds me

I've heard about a technique of boosting your intake compression by "stuffing" the crankase (filling in empty spaces in the crankcase with metal "stuffers" to reduce inner volume and create a higher force on the intake gasses going into the combustion chamber.) Might be something to look into...

about the bbq race

one of the tickets was for going the wrong way on a one way street. that ended a good contender right then and there. i'm not sure what the others were for. but people do crazy things ... run through sidewalks ... one guy tried to race down a wooded hill ...

i'm not sure who to put money on. an early crash can take out a pile of mopeds easily enough. including race favorites. we start w/ engines revved ... flag drops ... a crowd of mopeds tears down a driveway into the street.

i think dan, simon, dave b, and caleb are among the favorites. all have high end performance parts and pretty damn fast machines. if my moped is up and running, i think i could be a contender. but i'm not sure if i have the hutzpah. sarah b and carrie are also contenders. carrie is more daring, sarah has a very fast sachs.

but i think an italian moped will win this race. i'd bet on that, if on anything. then again, people are coming from the far corners of the earth. so some dark horses may come up. i'm a little afraid of ree, to be honest. we may have to make a rule about no weapons or maiming opponents! ;-)

Re: about the bbq race

Reeperette /

>>i'm a little afraid of ree, to be honest. we may have to make a rule about no weapons or maiming opponents! ;-)<<

I'll be happy to leave the length of chain behind, heh - I like you guys too much to clobber any of ya.

(cep't fer a couple of mouthy folks who we all know and love (Oh Jedi...)...who wouldn't DARE show up in a million years....)

I'd be willing to demonstrate after the races tho, just how to handle a chain or snap-whip from the back of a ped, if you'd like...

Y'all ever done a capture-the-flag event on mopeds ? it's pretty cool if you have enough skilled folks not to run into each other.

That or run-rabbit-run...which is like capture flag, cep't you pick out the fastest ped you have and put the flag on it....and everyone else chases it.

There's a lotta fun you can have, but the level of risk is generally determined by the inexperience of the folks participating.

We can discuss such insanities in detail on-site.


Re: about the bbq race

sounds great! ;-)

Re: about the bbq race

Ron Brown /


A mass moped burnout!

Re: about the bbq race

oh, yeah, i forgot to include bill as a race favorite. he's a former champion. i think twice now? he rides puch. and he has a new one ... last time he also won w/ a new one hit wonder puch.

but i'm still counting on team minarelli to pull through. no kraut moped will win this race! ;-)

from traditional mo-cycle field events

There is the "slow race"... Where the riders have to cross from one line to another... say... 50 to 100 feet apart... as slow as possible without putting their feet down... putting a foot down or deviating more than a foot or so from straight ahead eliminates you... and the last guy to the line wins.

So that rewards a good sense of balance.

There are a few more events.. I'll try to remember them

Re: Crankcase compression

The way we used to stuff the crankcase on snowmobiles was to fill the holes in the crank balancers with foam. These holes are drilled in the counterweights to balance the crank at the factory, and filling them lowered the volume of the lower end.

Re: Crankcase compression

Ron Brown /




Re: Crankcase compression

Hi,Ken! I've got to ask you this. What kind of foam will stand up to engine heat and fuel soaking? Are you sure it was foam,and not a sort of teflon material? I mean,this could be handy for me to know about and I can't pass up this chance to find out.THANKS! Please reply here or e-mail me.

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