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Can having too much oil in your transmission make you loose major power. I bought a qt50 and it has oil all the way to the top. Now I don't think that is correct and it doesn't even have enough power to move with me on it. It has decent compression. I don't know what is wrong. Any Ideas? Or things to try.

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I don't know the QT50 well... but the tranny oil is not supposed to be all the way up to the top.

So.. drain it.. and then look carefully on the side of the cover down by where the filler is.. lots of Jap bikes say right on them what the capacity is supposed to be.. like 400ml.. or 400cc (the same thing.. 1ml equals 1cc).

If a Yamaha dealer and ask them (or go visit one).. or try 400 to 500 cc.. that will be about correct.. (you should still get the correct capacity from a manual or dealer or owner with a manual).

And ATF or 10w30 motor oil will both work.

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10w30 wont work

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you need to specify your moped type. some use 30-weight non-detergent, some use 20-weight non-detergent, some use ATF (transmission fluid). some might use something else. you need to know what your moped requires. fill it up to the proper level.

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You don't have a clue.

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Hi,Jess Monster! First thing you can,get a shop manual for that exact model and engine type.Then you can help some poor soul out that has another question on that particular bike. Moped Warehouse could probably fix you up with a manual. I've bought at least three from them. BYE!

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