Batavus HS-50 won't start

I've got a 1975(74?) HS-50 with strong spark, air and fuel. It won't start. "quick start" makes it "burp" when trying to start but it won't catch. Wan running great when put into storage 5 years ago. No other changes. Any ideas?

Richard Bodner

Re: Batavus HS-50 won't start

the one i had did the same i just cleaned the carb a couple of times and put a filter on. the jet seam to get clogged. Now i got a Garrelli that won't pick up fuel.Ive done everything put differ carbs on,nothing. So i'm putting new seals and gaskets in. Dan

Re: Batavus HS-50 won't start

Ron Brown /


Read Fred's "How to fix your moped" post.


Re: Batavus HS-50 won't start

Chris Robertson /

If your moped is firing with QuickStart, then you're getting a good spark.

Two things you should try:

1) Replace your spark plug.

2) Clean your carburetor.

I would guess that there is a 98% chance that one of those two things will fix your moped.


Re: Batavus HS-50 won't start

Hi! DITTO the last posts and I'm assuming you have fresh fuel?BYE!

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