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What methods are good for hauling your moped around?

If I can get around to buying mine, I was sorta planning to lay it down in the back end of my hatchback to drive it home. I've heard it isn't recommended to lay a moped down on its side, though, (Not to even mention the chance of a gas spill over the back seat)

So I wondered how you experienced types move your mo's around when you want to haul it instead of ride? There are places I'd love to cruise on a moped, but not on the freeways to get there!

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Ron Brown /

You can pull the gas line from the carb and drain the tank into a gas can. Then either drain the carb or lay the ped down the way you are going to carry it to let the remaining gas leak out before loading it. If you have a battery, take it out and keep it upright somehow. An open plastic bag is good to prevent spills but do not seal it up.

If you have a transmission with oil in it, find the breather and make sure that side is up. Or experiment by laying the ped down on either side for a while in the sun and see if any oil comes out.


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Hellcat Carrie /

I've hauled all three of my mopeds in my hatchback with varying results. The first one dripped gas, but I'd lined the car with plastic so it wasn't that big a deal. The other two had already been drained. One of mine was big enough that we had to roll the handle bars back in order to fit it inside.

good luck! It can be done!

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My first choice would be the back of a truck, but since I don

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I just happend to look through the classified ads in the Leader Telegram (Eau Claire, WI) and someone had an ad for brackets for you vehical for hauling cycles and mopeds. $25 dollars and the number was 715-874-6023

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I was just thinking the other day about buying / rigging a reese hitch attachment for hauling my ped. I can't drive ( for a few more months anyways) but I have a pickup I'd like to rig up with such a bracket for hauling my ped to remote places. I think it would rule to take it camping up at some of the lakes here. Lotsa gravel and decent dirt roads and no cops to bug ya's if ya wanna get loose.

Camp and cruise,


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Hi! Just wanted to mention that I haul mine in the bed of my F-250 pickup truck.Most mopeds fit perfectly crossways inside and with a piece of cardboard or styrofoam against the front of the bed,and a piece of this on the side where the taillight is near,you can lean the moped,on its tires,not its stand,and strap it toward the front.This way you have no draining to worry about.It's ready to pull off and go `pedding! BYE!

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