oil mix and 4 stroking??

Will the wrong oil mix make my hog 4 stroke??? The tag said 25:1 but im not too sure if this is the best mix for it. Its a 79 pa 50II. waht do you guys and gals run. Im having a big problem 4 stroking and cant fix it? help me please!!!!!

Re: oil mix and 4 stroking??

Ron Brown /


Read Fred's "How to fix your Moped" on this forum. He covers four stroking and why, oil gas mix and spark plug checking for mixture.


Re: oil mix and 4 stroking??

you should run the ration of oil/gas that your manual states. different peds require different mixtures.

Re: oil mix and 4 stroking??

Chris Robertson /

Even though my PA50II has a label that says to run 25:1 oil gas mixtures, I use 32:1 in it.

No, this will not fix your four stroking problem, PA50s are notorious for this problem.

Did you try any of the <a href="http://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/1/8997/8993/">things I suggested</a> the last time you asked this question?


Following manuals is not always the best way.

Well if he should run the ratio that his manual states... then should he also run leaded gas like many manuals state for older peds?


With modern oils (which are better than oils produced back in the early seventies)... you can up the ratio from the commonly specified 20 to 1 or 25 to 1 and run less oil for longer spark plug life while still maintaining safe lubrication.

These are true facts known by highly experienced long time users of engines.

Old manuals for old machines do NOT always indicate what should be done now.

Re: Following manuals is not always the best way.

Ron Brown /


Does this mean I can stop searching garage sales for API-G oil?


Re: Following manuals is not always the best way.

i'd trust fred on the oil ratio. manual written 20-30 years ago may not be good to follow now. most of us use 2.6 oz (minarelli) or 3 oz (puch).

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