Question about headlight

I've noticed that when I apply the rear brake on my '00 Kinetic Magnum, the headlight dims. Is this normal? If it's dark out and I'm stopped (with the rear brake applied) the light is almost too dim to see with. But when I release the brake, it lights back up again.

Re: Question about headlight

Wayne Broderick /

Totally normal-- ! Cars used to do the same thing until advances in alternator technology. I think a 'ped is like a generator only, so it can't provide too much excess power at idle. Wait for one of the gurus to give a better explanation.


Re: Question about headlight

Ron Brown /


Assuming your ped has no battery, this is normal. The alternator does not put out much voltage at idle.


Re: Question about headlight

With no battery or voltage regulator as most mopeds are made, the only thing controlling the output is the engine RPMs. The faster the engine turns, the brighter the lights. the lights won't burn out from excess output at high speed because the coils only produce enough power for the lights.

At idle the RPMs are low, and the additional load of the stoplight, which has a brighter filament, will naturally dim the lights. If all work OK at normal speed, everything is copacetic.


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