Tomos Bullet Having problems!!!

Hi, I just got A tomos Bullet Im not sure of the year but it looks rather old. It is having problems starting sometimes and today the pedals that normally start it are jammed so they dont just push the moped when u pedal they also try to turn over the engine.... it is only supposed to do that when i pedal backwards but its doing it both ways.... what could possibly fix both of these predicaments im in?

Thanks in Advance


Re: Tomos Bullet Having problems!!!

Wayne Broderick /

Seized Engine? Ouch! Does the bike roll?

Can you tell if the piston is jammed?

Re: Tomos Bullet Having problems!!!

NO its not seized up the engine turns but it wont start and the pedals start the engine when pedaled both ways... when i got it whe u pedal forward it makes the ped move forward to start easier but it's stuck to the engine it'll turn the engine forward too if i try but im not gonna do that cuz its bad on the engine but i think it could be a locked up transmission could that be it? that and theres two buttons on the brakes for front and back but the section on the brakes that presses them in is gone what do those buttons do? brake lights?

Re: Tomos Bullet Having problems!!!

Reeperette /

Sounds like the U-clip inside the trans has cracked or slipped.

This is an easy repair if you know what yer doin, a nightmare if you don't.

As fer the second, I am not entirely sure I understand that question.

I will need a nitpick exact description of the problem and the bikes make, model, history and riding habits to be more helpful in what this may be and what to do about it.


Re: Tomos Bullet Having problems!!!

Chris Robertson /

Could your clutch be sticking?

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