tomos wheels

im not much into tomos so

i have a 2009 sprint with them ugly heavy mags that look like pin wheels

anybody know if a3 spokes will fit on it

Re: tomos wheels

as far as i can see the newer mags look pretty close

Re: tomos wheels

The 09's have a different swingarm than the earlier models and I have no experience with that. I think you can probably make them work without much trouble. The A3 spoke wheels have sealed bearings so installing longer axles/spacers to fit the swingarm shouldn't be an issue. You will probably have to do something about the tab on the brake drum.

Re: tomos wheels

my friend is gonna trade me a nice set of spokes for these ugly stupid mags

im building this bike for my 75 year old cousin he hates this modern looking stuff but wanted a reliable bike so im gonna take this ugly 09 tomos and make it look like its straight out of the 70s

bought a nice chrome old syle pipe an a bullit

Re: tomos wheels

wtf it posted by itself

gut a bullit headlight and with the chrome spoke wheels it will look great

Re: tomos wheels

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

How about Grimeca snowflakes? I have a set you can have

Re: tomos wheels

no snowflakes even worse yuk

im gonna trade these to tim for a nice set of chrome spoke wheels

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