2 speed... 70cc kit

whats up folks,

I just got a 70cc reed valve kit and I'm not sure if I should put it on my 2 speed puch (ZA50) or my Newport. My main concern is wearing out the first gear clutch. Any thoughts?

Happy Pedding to all


Re: 2 speed... 70cc kit

the clutch will be just fine.........

the pucks is the thing to wonder about.

my virgin 30yr old za50 has held up just fine with kit/pipe/carb added on.

Re: 2 speed... 70cc kit

You will get two sides..

One- replace your pucks..put it on and rip

Two- Total tear down..replace all bearings and seals..get the new fandangled 1st and 2nd gear clutch..case match..put it on and rip.

Your choice man.

Re: 2 speed... 70cc kit

za50 are sooo fun and just a little bit of extra work. you should replace your shift dampeners at the very least and bearings and seals is a good idea too. no need to replace your clutches if they look fine. it might seem daunting at first but it is actually quite easy once you get into it.

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