Wireless lights

Forgive me if this has already been talked about, I couldn't find anything on the WIKI. Any how I converted my head light to wireless. I'm using a Tomas ST light bucket and a little key chain light. Mounted it inside the bucket with a bracket that I made out of Alum. Then drilled a hole in the bucket and mounted a push rod to turn it on. For the tail light I have a regular bicycle flasher type that I was going to use, but now I just ran across this one made by Maxxon. It has it's own on off switch.

Re: Wireless lights

Patrick Baltard /

Not a bad idea, as long as you're carrying spare batteries.

(granted, you didn't want to hardwire the lights)

Re: Wireless lights

Granted its enough light you can see at night..

Re: Wireless lights

So you over-elaborately "duct-tapped a flashlight to your front fender"?

Re: Wireless lights

I'm kinda confused here. Were you trying to start a conversation or were you looking for approval? Unless you're running a blaster ignition I think it's kind of retarded to run a keychain light, I mean you only need to run like two wires.

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