My moped

I finally got to the 300 mile break-in period on my Kinetic Magnum. Top speed is 30mph although it will go up to 35 on a small incline. It will go uphill at 25mph.

Here is a picture of the 'ped.


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Simon King /

looking good - is that a brand new model?

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Congratulations, Peggy!

The Magnum should be able to tackle any hill since it has a variator. That's the secret to my Vespa Grande..


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It's a 2000 model--bought in November of 2000. It was stored all winter and I unpacked it this past March.

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Thanks, Jim...what is a variator, anyway?

I've heard that the Vespas are similar to the Kinetic.

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Wayne Broderick /

I think if you add a custom exhaust, that same bike will do almost 50. I couldn't believe the difference it made to my bike. for a hundred bucks you can't beat it.

Makes me feel a lot safer in traffic-- Keeps people off my tail .

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Congratulations! It's very cute. I just bought a moped that has 65 original miles...I don't look forward to breaking it in at all. Did it take you a long time? Is it excruciating to have to go that slow all the time?

Have fun, sweetie!

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Wayne Broderick /

I found that the 300 mile break in went by very quickly. I've put 2500 km on my 2000 targa already---

Remember that your speedo is probably in MPH, but your odometer is probably KPH---

Does this mean the break-in will take twice as long??


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I took nearly 5 weeks to get to the 300 mile mark--but since I work full-time, I couldn't ride it as often as I would like. I was patient staying around 20mph for the first 200 miles--I was able to get to know my moped and learn how to maneuver it and such--but the closer I got to 300, the more I wanted to get it up to speed. Then when I finally broke 30mph it seemed really fast and the 'ped vibrated a lot more. My next step is to learn how to maintain my moped. I need to figure out how to check the oil level (in the crankcase) and things like that.

I'm really glad to have found this forum--everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful!!

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Ron Brown /


Congratulations on treating your ped kindly during break-in, it will reward you for the effort.

If your owner's manual does not describe maintenance operations like changing or checking transmission oil, see if you can buy a maintenance or shop manual from the distributor, it will be well worth the money.

On your variator question, this is a continuously variable ratio drive which is designed to match engine rpm with road speed and load.

It consists of a pair of pulleys and a vee belt. The spacing between the sides of the front pulley is controlled by centrifugal weights which squeeze the sides of the pulley together as the speed increases. This causes the belt to ride up in the pulley and increases the effective diameter. The rear pulley is spring loaded and allows the belt to force the sides apart, decreasing the effective diameter. The faster you go, the higher the effective gear ratio. When you get to a hill and the ped slows, the front pulley gets smaller and allows the engine revs to increase, giving you more power for climbing the hill.

Many peds and snowmobiles use a system similar to this. I am not sure, but I have a vague recollection of reading somewhere that Motobecane designed the original variator.


Re: Thanks Ron! And Peggy..

I don't get over here everyday and your explanation coverd it better than me.


Do get a manual for your Kinetic as it will have all the vital information. also your engine doesn't carrry oil like a four stroke. That internal lubrication is handled by the fuel/oil mix. There is however, 90W gear oil in the rear hub that must be checked and added to occassionaly. This is for the gears that handle the drive.

For all intents and purposes, the Kinetic is a Vespa copy. All that parts appear the same, except that the Kinetic has a CDI ignition while the Vespas like mine have points. In my opinion, the Vespa is built to a higher quality standard than Kinetic due to some work I've done on one and being able to compare them. This doen't mean yours is a lemon or anything. Things that are going to fail do so, like the crankshaft on the previously mentioned TFR that went south at 17 miles.


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