New (to me) 1984 Puch Austro Daimler 2-speed

Hello All-

20 years ago, when I was 15 years old, I had a Motomarina Sebring, and cruising around on that thing was one of the best periods of my life. I put close to 12,000 miles on that Motomarina before I got my car license. I learned the basics of how to work on a motor along the way, and souped up the little Morini motor with a bore kit, larger intake, hi-po carb, and exhaust pipe. I was clocked at 52mph once, and was damn proud of it!

Fast forward to today, I ride motorcycles avidly (all BMWs now, though I've owned many brands over the years) and today I found a classic Puch 2-speed A/D on Craig's List, and impulsively purchased it for $300.00. It's the first time I've ridden a moped in about 18 years. It runs fine and is in good shape, save for the taped-together switch housings and little odds and ends. Once I clean it up, it will be a looker.

I may have some questions along the way since Puch is new to me. I do notice the carb's missing any air box or filtering whatsoever, and some other little things may need replacing. Any advice as to good, inexpensive vendors would be greatly appreciated. Anything else I need to know about this model? This one has about 1900 miles on it.

I'll post more questions and pictures as they come up.


Re: New (to me) 1984 Puch Austro Daimler 2-speed

I think I have an air box for the AD. They are awesome bikes. I love them, super comfy, great, just don't ever destroy your forks. Also, they take an AD specific light bulb, of which I have several, so if you ever need one, e-mail me. I'll poke around and see if I have the stock air box still around.

Re: New (to me) 1984 Puch Austro Daimler 2-speed

Thanks. I remember some of my riding buddies in the old days had Maxis. One of them was heavily modded, like 70cc if I recall, and he simply stuck a K&N filter on the end of his Bing and jetted appropriately. That would do nicely here as well, though I have no idea where to start with jetting on this thing. Maybe putting it back to stock would be a good baseline....


Re: New (to me) 1984 Puch Austro Daimler 2-speed

My buddy has one of these robo-cop puchs.

Here's some info from the wiki:

Browse around the MA wiki and there's lots of good stuff to help you.

Great places to by parts: ,

Re: New (to me) 1984 Puch Austro Daimler 2-speed

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

I have one of these gems of engineering. Mine has 1000 original miles and is a 1985.

It has the roller bearing ZA50 so no bushing to fail, rides awesome with the engine mounted on the swingarm instead of te frame so no vibrations and low center of gravity. Since the airbox is hidden inside the frame compartment, you can rejet and run a hi-flow filter without losing the stock appearance. I have a few A-D parts kicking aroung too, along with the origianl manuals and even the showroom tag which tells of all the improvements and features tat set this model far above the rest of the Puchs.


Re: New (to me) 1984 Puch Austro Daimler 2-speed

Hi MKL,,I have an AD also, runs and looks great,BUT I can't get proper fuel lines, they either kink or come off.

if posible can you send me pic of your lines? hard place to get to I know but it would help me a lot.



Re: New (to me) 1984 Puch Austro Daimler 2-speed

Hey Guys-

Whatever you can share, I'd appreciate it. I've looked a little more carefully today. Here's what she needs:

1) All new switch housings. Current ones are taped on.

2) Speedo Cable

3) no air filter - I'm thinking a small snorkel tube with a little K&N on the end would do.

4) Cable Lube

5) spark plug

6) two screws to hold rear tail-light lens on

That's about it. Where's the best place to buy these parts?

I should document this. I document my motorcycles, why not the moped? You can see my bikes at


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