Gearing and Button Questions

I have a couple of questions. To start with I have a 2010 Tomos ST with pedal start and it is my first moped ever.

I am interested in making pedaling easier for times when I have the motor off. I noticed on the wiki that someone posted a thing on how to change a punch freewheel which seemed really interesting. My wheels are different though. I have mag wheels instead of spoked wheels. Is there still a way I can improve pedaling even though I have mag wheels and if so does anyone know how I can go about doing it?

My next question... I have a red button right below my engine kill switch. The red button has what looks like a lightning bolt on it. I have played with the button many times under different situations but nothing seems to happen. Does anyone know what this button is for?

Re: Gearing and Button Questions

I don't believe you can change the gear ratio on the pedals of a Tomos, since the pedal crank assembly is inside the engine (no freewheel)

someone correct me if I'm wrong...

Re: Gearing and Button Questions

that button would be for your electric start. to change the pedal ratio you'd have to change the main drive ratio as well, i believe.

Re: Gearing and Button Questions

You cannot change the internals of the engine to pedal faster. If you want to be able to that get a moped with a freewheel, ie: puch motobecane etc.

Re: Gearing and Button Questions

If you want to make a higher top speed pedaling, you could get slightly shorter crank arms, or if you wanted easier pedaling at a slower speed, longer crank arms, but the internal gearing isn't easily changed, and there is no free wheel on a Tomos.

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