A couple of things

Alright, I had posted earlier, like a week or 2 ago, about the mixture screw. I got a new one, a friend of mine fixed a gas leak and now my moped is finally working. But since I found this site, I have an oppertunity to fix a thing or 2 still with my moped.

I own a white 1984 Honda Spree, the big problem I have with it is the speed-o-meter, it doesn't record miles or tell how fast I'm going, I presume that most of you guys might know what the problem may be, so I'm open to hear any ideas that you guys have.

Secondly, I've drilled 3 holes in my muffler, 1 near the front, one in the middle, and one in the back. It's loud as hell, which I like! But the only problem now is that I'm getting a lot of backfiring, and a lot "POP" type sounds, any ideas?

Third, is there any really simple ways I can get my moped going faster, beacuse right now the fastest it can go is about 27 (which was clocked with a friend of mine driving side by side to detirmine it), is there anyway I can get it up to even 30-35 so I can faster out in the country roads?


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Chris Robertson /

Your spedometer is mechanical. Verify that the cable is not broken. Second, disconnect the cable from your wheel, and hook it up to a drill --does the spedometer work? If so, the drive on your front wheel is probably shot.

Call your local Honda motorcycle dealer for parts as you need them --they might not be available anymore (I know I can't get spedo cables for my PA50 anymore).

An alternative: put a digital bicycle computer on your moped. Digital spedometers are <b>way</b> more accurate, they keep track of your maximum speed, average speed, and best of all --they have a trip odometer function which is great for keeping track of fuel.

I think the popping you hear in your muffler is just a result of drilling holes in it. If you've ever driven a car with a bad exhaust, it'll make some pretty surprising noises that you probably didn't realize it made. Cover up the holes if you want your moped to stop farting.


Re: A couple of things


Let some of these gurus see What kind of carb u have(Take a Pic or somthing), maybe they can give u some info on boring it out

HELLO? Help?

Could possibly use a little help? Where is everyone?

Re: HELLO? Help?

Ron Brown /


Chris seems to covered anything I could have helped with. Maybe noone here knows how to make your model of ped go faster.


Re: A couple of things

devilwrestler /

i just got a honda spree 1984 for free but it wont start it has power to the oil check light but it wont start why rthe f*ck didnt they put a kick start on this piece of shit

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