Moped Stereo Installation instructions

Wayne Broderick /

Hello! I'm a mopeder in Portland, Maine. I've got an installed stereo on my 2000 Targa. I'm not kidding. I took some pictures of it. I'll post the link in the following post. It is an 80 watt amp with a car stereo. There are three speakers on the system . It is very loud and since I've been working on this for years, most of the bugs are worked out. I can post any information you need-- Wiring schematics, parts list, problems to expect and how to fix them. I did it on my 1978 express, but when I got the 2000 targa, I made a lot of improvements to the system. originally, I had a similar system on my mountain bike. I also had automative air horns on the same mountain bike. The horns I had are now old and clogged. For a time I had the air horn on my targa. A few times, that air horn made people see me when I felt that they were "blind" and were going to run right into me. This is not a troll-- I have the pictures and I will post the link.

I figure someone else has done this and might have even better design concepts than I do. If I did this one in portland maine, where I can only use it part of the year, some moped freak in Venice Beach CA must have a moped with an even louder system. Could this lead to a "Loudest moped stereo showdown"? Well, maybe not, but I can show you how to do this.

Let me know if there's any interest. I'll post the link to the pictures in the following post.

Wayne Broderick /

Wayne Broderick /

Re: Moped Stereo Installation instructions

Wayne Broderick /

Weird-- I don't mean to keep posting the address, but I think because I added it as the subject line, it isn't displaying correctly (at least on my end--) sometimes it doesn't show up under the 'installation' heading ind sometimes it does.

Just in case-- Link to pics of my moped w/ stereo on it.

80 watt amp w/deck and 3 speakers.

Re: Moped Stereo Installation instructions

hey i wanna know how to do that. post some of your stuff

Re: Moped Stereo: Parts list w/cost

Wayne Broderick /

If you really want to do this, the bost basic thing is the parts list. A lot of times, you can actually rummage up everything besides the battery from yard sales or the garage.

1. "Crapco car stereo" find a 12v car deck. Don't spend a lot of money. This year I bought a new one because I was confidant I could keep it safe. Still, I only spent $40 on it.

2. Rear Rack for the moped.

3. "Pannier" style mountain bike saddle bag. I have found the LL Bean one (2 for 40 bucks) works great, but you'll need to look at your actual moped to determine what size/ shape you need.

4. Gel-Cell 12v 10amp 'medical' battery. You can get one at your local battery guy. Don't bother with a motorcycle battery. The Gel-Cell will not leak acid no matter what, it's totally sealed. costs about 20 bucks. I tried a lot and couldn't get anything else to work, and the moped can't generate enough power to drive it.

5. On/Off switch and fuse for battery.

6. Motorcycle 1/amp trickle charger. This will power the battery to full in about 6 hours. Battery will last 4-10 hours of decent volume.

7. you need speakers. small bracket mount for the front and the "box" style all weather speakers. You could also look at pickup truck speakers or boat speakers depending on the amount of weatherproofing you want.

8. Lots of bungee to secure things and limit vibration. I also have a lot of gell wrist pads and mouse pads to limit vibration between parts. You need to prevent the rear rack from vibrating your speakers and ruining the sound.

9. You'll need a front speaker in order to give a nice 'stereo' effect. also, when at top speed, the speakers in back of you can't be heard that well. make a cross bracket on your handlebars to hold the small speaker. Make sure it doesn't interfere with cables or steering. I have good results with the one I whipped up in an afternoon.

Battery, stereo, speakers, fasteners, vibration dampeners, brackett for front speaker, battery charger, on/off switch, pannier saddle bag, a few colors of primary wire, a fuse.

I think that's it, Once you have the stereo rigged up, you can modify it. adding an extra amp and an air-horn set is easy once you have the basic set up.

You could buy everything brand new and set it up within a day or so. I should think you could do it for well under 200$, You might have some of the parts already.


Re: Moped Stereo: Parts list w/cost

YEAH what happens when u crash with that sterio on there peices will go everywhere!! good luck with your it looks cool

Re: Moped Stereo: Parts list w/cost

Mike you're not too much of a ped man are ya? If you crash on a ped, I should think whether your stereo is alright would be LAST on your mind, behind IS MY PED OKAY, and AM I OKAY.

swarm and destroy


Re: Moped Stereo: Parts list w/cost

i have to admit this is awesome. but what about an mp3 player? i'm guessing that you could also rig something up w/ a small speaker and a place to plug in the mp3 player (portable ... so you can take it out when not riding). that would make for a smaller system.

or even using simply am/fm w/ no cassette/cd deck. then you might be able to squeeze enough power to run it off the moped's electrical system? not sure about that ... but simple radios use much less energy than cassette/cd players.

but it's a hot concept. more people should do that, that's for sure. a nice radio would be great. i could listen to npr on the way to work!

Re: Moped Stereo: Parts list w/cost

I agree with Miguel on this one. Compact would be better. I

Re: Moped Stereo: Parts list w/cost

Wayne Broderick /

I've found that my MP3 player is disrupted by the moped EM field. My wife's Rio seemed okay-- she won't let me use it.

Yes, it does seem like you could use an amp only and some other kind of portable output device.

RE: The guy talking about crashes-- I did crash once on my mountain bike which had all this stuff on it. I ran into a cable blocking a path just at tire level. I did an 'endo' and all I broke was the airhorn.

If the stuff isn't attached properly-- you shouldn't be out riding anyway. How often do you dump your ped??

I find that I am 'addicted' to the stereo. For example, I didn't charge the battery in about a week, and used it last night, and now it's a beautiful day, and I'm inside waiting for the battery to charge.

Once you ride in luxury, it's hard to stop. What sucks is that I was too lazy to hook up the charger.

Questions will be answered! Just ask.

Re: Moped Stereo: Parts list w/cost

Wayne Broderick /

I was very concerned with reducing weight and size, because this used to be on my mountain bike. I;ve even looked into solar.

There is a smaller gel-cel that is about half the weight of the one I use, but it would also be half the power.

Instead of adding a car amp and a car deck like I did, you could just use one or the other. The more room in your pannier bag, and the more waterproofing you can do to it.


Re: Moped Stereo: Parts list w/cost

actually i have never dumped my moped!!!

Re: Moped Stereo: Parts list w/cost

Wayne Broderick /

This might be a dumb question, but why was the first thing you asked about a crash?

Just paranoid by nature?


Re: Moped Stereo Installation instructions're my goddamn hero.

Re: Moped Stereo Installation instructions

chuck russo /

befor i bought my moped i installed an old boombox on the front fender of my xr 100 and had the speakers facing my way and poped a tape inot it and rolled down the road it worked good till it fell off and broke when i was going to 7-11

i plan to refine my system and install on my 78 puch maxi but i need to go get an old boom box from the pawn shop first

Re: Moped Stereo Installation instructions

Wayne Broderick /

Awesome... Here's why I didn't opt for the boombox--

1. Batteries. $$ even rechargable d-cells pretty much suck to buy.

2. Durability-- the boombox isn't going to take road impact well... you'll need to cushion the heck out of it.

I'd love to bring my moped to the BBQ next year. I'm going to see if I can plan a route that keeps me on low-speed roads.

Something new that I didn't have last year-- I got a new battery charger, it's automatic and pretty small. I could pack it with my stuff in the pannier bag and charge the stereo along the way at any outside electrical outlet 7-11 usually has em.

The charger is actually designed for vehicle mounting, although not moped, obviously.

Re: Moped Stereo Installation instructions

ive got a 200 watt system (two 12" on a upside down v-box i made and a small car batt. for help with power). batt charges too using the orgional alt. i also have 2 KC fog lights and one the swivels with a handle so you can aim it somewhere. its on my 76 yamaha chappy. im going to put neon lights on the bottom soon as well.

whats u got now cocka? (just kidding) dave h


hello i tried to link to your site

but it doesnt work... please email me the proper link


This is a really old thread. There is a much larger thread with pretty detailed accounts of three or so people mounting stereos to their mopeds, with lots of pictures. Do a search for "Moped Stereo System". It's huge, you can't miss it.

Re: the stereo mega thread.

Wow, wow... this is really old stuff---!! Older than the mega thread--!

Jeez, 2001.

Yes, glad to get you more info. I'll bump the thread that has pictures attached. If I don't get to it, someone else into stereo building could get all the pics in that thread and use the ! ! feature to make all the photos and schematics pop up.

Please forgive the wide variety of info in the thread-- it's a lot of info. If you have trouble please post because we're always improving the systems. Right now the 'mega thread' is an archive of 3, maybe 4 people building systems and a few mixed in adding this or that.

I'll bump that now, it is the season after all. I'm gonna do a dual amp-- and that'll probably need a dual battery but I don't care---- my moped's gotta have BASS baby. You can hear the percussion fine--- I know I'm way too loud already but I need to be throwing amps at an 8" sub.

I have so many projects going--- One of them is reconstructing the stereo from one bike to another so i can redo the brakes on it. So I can photo etc along the way if you need.

Re: Link for Dumps

"stereo Thread":

click and you shall find.

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