ok found me something

alright what can you tell me about a 1979 vespa grande? I found one with like 1000 miles on it and it looks to me as if the manufacturers were ahead of their time with this excellent peice of machine. I think I can get it for around $400. So maybe I might just be able to get me a ride. it's a two seater and I'm thinking it's got speed especially if it hauls two no problem, then my 160lb ass should be no hassle for it. well thanks for reading and hope to find some info on this new toy.

Re: ok found me something

Buy it immediately. I love the vespa grande, I've never driven one but they look awesome, I think they have a variator transmission which makes them great for going up hills, but I'm not sure. I know Jim C. who posts on this site regularly has one, he'll be able to give you more info about performance, but I say you should get it as soon as possible. Good Luck !!!!

Re: I own one

I got mine at a second hand store 50 bucks. Spent about 150 more to get it running. That included a battery and a new piston/ rebore. I figured I'd get 200 bucks worth of use out of it and then sell it. That was 3 years ago and I'm glad I didn't!

Although it is larger and slightly heavier than other mopeds, the fact that it uses a variator helps it go well despite load and terrain. Mine will do close to 30MPH, but seems to run happiest around 23-25. With the second-over rebore, 12MM carburetor and a 4.3 main jet, I get around 96MPG.

If you need parts, vespasupershop.com in San Diego CA has everything you need. Fabio is their moped expert.

Get yours running well and you won't want to part with it either.

So far I convinced one guy who was selling his because of a bad wrist-pin bushing to keep it and fix it, and a friend of mine liked mine so much he got one he spotted at a scooter swapmeet.

Re: I own one

i've been dying to get my hands on a grande ... but if you're looking at the one i think you're looking at, then you're in for a tough bidding war. it's in great shape. if not, then i wish you the best of luck.

Re: I own one

I think the grand has the same engine as the chow. A friend of mine has the chow and in my opinion it

Re: Performance Secrets

Having a dead Ciao to study, here's what I've found:

Although they have the same basic engine, the Ciao has a different number muffler on it. the carburetor is a 10MM with a 43 main jet.

The Grande has the 30MPH muffler, 12MM carb with an air filter that has a disc in it with 6 holes as opposed to the Ciao's 3.

The Ciao I have has turn indicators, but is not the super Deluxe with a variator.


Re: what do you know....

ok guys what do you know about a tomos targa lx? I just bought me one for under 700. Any little decepticon zen tricks you could tell ne? I go to pick this up in 3 days. Go me i rule. lol well thanks again. Maybe I'll be able to come up to the BBQ.

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