Can you answer my question?

Where are the 2 new moped groups going to be, i hope ones byh me in Cali.

Re: Can you answer my question?

sorry, our two new branches are in odessa, texas, and ottawa, ontario (canada). but if you can get two other people near you ... you can start the process of forming your own branch in california. we already have branches also in south dakota and pennsylvania. a west coast branch would be awesome.

Re: Can you answer my question?

i got2 people around herer that ride with me all the time. could we make our own branch?

Re: Can you answer my question?

sure. submit an application by clicking on the "join" link.

Re: Can you answer my question?

Ron Brown /


Click Members, then Join


Re: Can you answer my question?

How in heck could I "catch" people around here? Seems like the only time i see a ped, i'm riding with someone and in the opposite direction; and usually, it's the kinda person that wouldn't understand if i told them to 'catch that ped'. I'm in western NC and there are darn few peds around. Typically when you see a ped here, ya think DWI. But I know there's gotta be a few that ride for the heck of it. Anyways, any help would, well, uh, help...



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