BATterys to run lights and what not

I am work on the twin engine Batavus to get it prepped for BLK BLK happy fun times and I have electrical questions.

The stater is so filled with pickups and coils that i don't have enough room to fit in a lighting coil. However, I did wedge in one of those mystery Peugeot coils that are really small. I am pretty sure it wouldn't be able to power lights very well, but It could charge a battery. I already have a 12v regular and inline fuse for a Derby Scooter, I just need to know what type of batteries I should get.

Here is the size constraint. I would like to put them in the small trunk space underneath the seat. its about 4 inches wide, 3.5 deep and 6 inches long.

Any suggestions?

Re: BATterys to run lights and what not

I would just use a 1 farad capacitor, It would work well while the bike is on and look sweet! and they are easy to mount.

Re: BATterys to run lights and what not

Page 11 or so, that catalog begins the lists of batteries and their physical dimensions.

I'm mounting a battery on mine too (probably) and the YTR4A caught my eye. 4.5"x2"x3.375", 12v.

That should be easy to hide somewhere.

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