ok i'm desperate here!

Alright I live in Bloomington Indiana and I'm looking for a tomos targa lx or kinetic magnum. I have $700 to spend. I need some help here. I'm wanting anything that will help me track down these two bikes or I want some type of scooter. I would prefer that there be a local seller or something like that but if not I'd appreciate any URL's or dealers you know who have good quality control and shipping records. The summer is coming up for me in about 8 days so i'm needing a ride asap. Work with me here on this. All people and URL's appreciated. Thanks for taking time to read this.

Re: ok i'm desperate here!

i think you've posted this 3-4 times already. check the replies on the previous ones. or post in the buy/sell forum.

Re: ok i'm desperate here!

Hi! A few months ago I was pricing the Kinetic TFR and the MAGNUM and the best deal by far was on new in crate Magnums at 750.00.This was at `www.mysmallbikeconnection.com I think and it was in Indianapolis ,IN. CALL THEM! BYE!

Re: ok i'm desperate here!

Hi! Just a follow-up on my other message to you: if that address doesn't work for you,because another guy just told me it didn't,use this one instead. barbowens123@cs.com She knows the score about the store's prices.But I just heard on Yahoo auctions that there's a strike in India and Kinetics will be scarce,so act fast! BYE!

Re: ok i'm desperate here!

Always try ebay....i wish i had ! I bet I woulda found a used ped in better shape than my new one...

Good luck,


Re: ok i'm desperate here!

I just purchased a new Kinetic TFR on ebay for $625.00, although the shipping was 135.00! It was new in the crate, and fairly easy for my husband to put together.

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