Moped BBQ 4

Simon King /

Is anyone planning on coming to the Moped BBQ 4 on memorial day? Specifically I'm talking to non moped army members. It's open to all and would be really great if some of you came by for the day --

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check the main news page for more info.


Re: Moped BBQ 4

gimmyjimmy /

welcome home Simon, where ya been?

Re: Moped BBQ 4

Simon King /

well, I was in NYC for about 5 days, then went to London and Paris for 10 days. Just got back 2 days ago, it's good to be home. I have lots of photos of mopeds from Paris to post to the site. Oddly, their not that exciting though; mainly newer models. I do like seeing what MBK is doing now days though. There are lots of models that look just like a Motobecane Moby with new paint jobs.

Re: Moped BBQ 4

Ron Brown /


Welcome back.

I am riding with my bartender who will ride my spare ped. Of course, I expect him to dispense beer on the way!

I am assuming that if I get there by noon or 1 pm, I won't miss much. I expect it to be a 4-5 hour ride one way.

All of this assumes I get both peds running well enough, see my post re: Motobecane problem.


Re: Moped BBQ 4

Simon King /

sound good - 1pm will be fine, that's just about the time things start to get into full swing.

Re: Moped BBQ 4

Reeperette /

I shall be coming via pickup truck.

My roomie wants to come, and flat refuses to even TRY to ride the Suzuki (gee..I wonder why...) and thinks we are all nuts, an opinion I am sure we will confirm for her presently.

There's also a time factor, or I may well have ridden anyhow.

But seein as how we DO have a truck, anyone on-route from Flint to K-zoo who wants to come is welcome to pass me an Email and "stick a thumb out" metaphorically speaking.

If that happens to be more than the expected crowd at this time, we'll just get a cargo van instead, no biggie.

See ya there.


Re: Moped BBQ 4

I would like to come, but me being from Postville, Iowa ( approx 310 Miles away) I cant

Re: Moped BBQ 4


Re: Moped BBQ 4

Simon King /

not via moped anyway...


310 miles is nothing compared to the distance from sioux falls to k-zoo. It's 712 miles from sf to k-zoo and brandon and steve are driving it, as what i am told. I can't go because i am leaving to go on a trip, but i would've gone.

Re: c'mon

XBrandon EdgeX /

That's right! Steve and I are taking a road trip to K-zoo from sioux falls! And we're even taking a van with no air conditioning :-0

Yeah, we're pretty hardcore :)

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