puch sgs needs a paint job

(sorry, not a moped, but pretty close)

so i picked up a puch 250 sgs for $200 off ebay. the bike runs good, but the paint job is gone to shit. how should i paint it? (photos when i get home)

Re: puch sgs needs a paint job

little hard to tell, but its covered in a light speckle of rust

Re: puch sgs needs a paint job

I'd worry more about those rims before I worried about the paint job. Personally I think it looks fine. I dont really see a point in spending money on a shiny paint job if all the chrome is pitted and rusty. Keep it all well worn and it has character.

Re: puch sgs needs a paint job

For the correct color grey/silver, remove the tank rubbers and that paint should be unfaded for a good match. For the rest, black is black. I have repops of the tank, fender and side cover decals when you get that far.

Good luck with it, they're fun bikes to ride.

Re: puch sgs needs a paint job

i would just clean up the rust and clear it i love none pained bikes!!!

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