Take those plugs and shove em !

Reeperette /

A bit of a rant, but I need to vent this...

Right in the middle of the friggin home of the UAW and surrounded by GM plants and "Buy American" Fanatics...and I can NOT, for the life of me....find a damn NON-JAPANESE SPARK PLUG !!!

Ok, get this...I have a Tomos Targa, as y'all know, ok.

Tomos Targa = European Moped

Japanese Plugs + Euro Ped = NOT RUNNING PED.

I have yet to have a Targa run well or for an extended period of time with an NGK plug in it, as Fred can tell you.

(Yo Fred..the Exhaust wasn't the main problem that day...it was the #%$%^@#$^&%$* Brand-friggin-new NGK Plug, is what it was...)

Said plug, of course, no longer even sparks at all, predictably.

For thems that have an interest...Targa takes these plugs.


Autolite - 273

Champion - L90C

Bosch - W8BC

Denso - 4021

SplitFire - SF409C (If you really WANT to blow a hole in yer piston)

But TRY finding anything but them damned NGK's, which do not work fer crap.

27 Auto Parts Stores, 4 Cycle shops...no joy.

What really irks me, is that if all that is carried around here for cycles is NGK, well then, what kinda Hypocritical Insult is it to put THOSE in a Harley ?

Bah..if I can't find a Euro or US plug in this town, soon enough some chump cycle shop owner is gonna need a proctologist to remove those NGK's from where he's gonna find the thrice-cursed things.

And fer all that, NGK's work damn well in Honda/Yamaha...etc ?

Go friggin Figure.

(this ends our rant fer the day)


Re: Take those plugs and shove em !

Put a melody to that and you would have a good Country and Western song.

You could call it....... My Achey Brakey spark plug?


My Cheatin Spark ?

orrrr ????

Re: Take those plugs and shove em !

ree ... if you can't find a bosch at all ... let me know. i have three bosch platinums that might work fine for you. they are compatible w/ the L86 and bosch super w8ac. i can send you one. if not ... we can see if we can find one for you here. autozone carries them.

Re: Take those plugs and shove em !

Reeperette /

Lemme do a sweep tonight and tomorrow, and if I get a no-joy on it...I may well take you up on that...closest thing I can get around here seems to be a W7BC, and no chance of a platinum...imop that's too cool for the mix I intend to run in the Targa.

What I really need is a damn W8BC Plat...or one of them four-point plugs from Champion crossed off an L90C.

When ya only got one plug, you wanna get the best, yannow ?

:::still crackin up at Freds commentary:::

I know it's a risk, but given the carbon backup I got...I might run a Splitfire for a couple of short runs to help torch it out.

Heh, since I cannot use either "usual" exhaust cleanin method here....I tried a really weird one....get this.

Took a can of Kroger brand oven-cleaner, and hosed it into the muffler till it was fulla the stuff, then pulled an old brake cable out of it's sleeve and poked it through.....clamped it in my dremel and lit that baby up...seems pretty effective, for them that cannot use acid or a torch due to location.

So, once I get this plug, my ped should be easy to find....just follow that "Fresh Lemon" scented exhaust trail....heh.


Re: Take those plugs and shove em !

Reeperette /

Actually, having looked at it after chillin out a bit....I think those lyrics might do better with a blues harmonica, than country...hehehe


Re: Take those plugs and shove em !

What kind of spark plug? NGK? You mean the No Good Kind?

Years ago I had one dead out of the box and have been avoiding them since.

Check the Kmart Auto Section. Out here they have all kinds of sparkplugs, plus the book to reference them.

And not a No Good one in sight.

Re: Take those plugs and shove em !

hey fred,

that rant would make an even better johnny cash parody to the tune of "a boy named sue"!!!! I wish i had all the lyrics so i could write that!!

Re: Take those plugs and shove em !

<that bluesy harmonica opening and rhythm> Can't get a.... better spark plug...<duh duhduh duh duh>goddamn shitty ngk's<duh duh-duh duh duh>need my... ped to run...<duh duh-duh duh duh>%$&&%#&^@^##^*<harmonica solo>


Re: Take those plugs and shove em !

Hooray for Miguel! I was just going to say AUTO ZONE has Bosch plugs for mopeds and lawnmowers,etc. and Bosch is a long-lasting plug.

Re: Take those plugs and shove em !

Rob Hoehn /

Cleaning a Muffler with acid? I have never heard of anyone doing that. What type of acid do you use?


Re: Take those plugs and shove em !

Ron Brown /


A boy named Sue has a tune???


Re: Take those plugs and shove em !

Reeperette /

>>Hooray for Miguel! I was just going to say AUTO ZONE has Bosch plugs for mopeds and lawnmowers,etc. and Bosch is a long-lasting plug.<<

Called four of em...NGK or nothing, in that range.

I called it right earlier today when I say "Well, they PRETEND to carry Bosch..."



Reeperette /

Got a pair of Bosch W7BC (One heat range, circa 4 degrees cooler) from a Foreign Auto parts store...Might have to lean the mixture a bit to get good temp, but we will see...

Imma go put em in, and if I don't get back here today - you know it worked.

Nice weather, get out there and RIDE, dammit.


Re: Update.

Reeperette /

Gee..thank you NGK...not only did the NGK plug die...it took my damn ignition coil out along the way.

This is pissin me off....

Of course no one local carries em....and Handybikes happens to not have em.

And Mopedjunkyards new "don't call us about parts" attitude (espoused on their web page) makes em completely useless since none of the coils they carry bear the slightest resemblance to what came off of the Targa.

Any clues, guys ?


Re: Update.

Ron Brown /


What happened to your coil?


Re: Update.

Reeperette /

It's toast Ron.....everything else works fine, circuit check is all green, headlights, tails, blinkers, internal control lights, horn...even the regulator checks out.

But that coil, voltage goes in, but it don't come out, NADA.

I got power, and in plenty, but without that coil I got no spark.

And that sucks, no spark, no go.

I had thought it was clogged exhaust, It was showing all the signs, and when I checked I was gettin mediocre spark off the NGK that was in it, but that's normal cause in over a decade, mediocre is all I've ever been able to get out of an NGK in a Tomos, so I didn't think nothing of it.

The Plug is dead too, checked it for good measure, just in case, even the gap was correct on it, not that it did me any good.


Re: Take those plugs and shove em !

I only run Bosch.

NGK's are not worth the time to mention them.

Autolites are not hot enough.

Champions run to rough.

Splitfires too expensive.

I've had absolute success with Bosch - Platinum.

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