Restoring an old Vespa

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I'm considering buying an old vespa that won't run due to being in the basement for several years. It only hase 500 miles on it so I think its in pretty good condition overall. What should I do to get it running again, and what kinds of problems can I expect to have to fix?

Re: Restoring an old Vespa

Well first off you should take the carb off and clean it. (Spray it real well with carb cleaner, make sure everything moves correctly and smoothly.) Depending on whether they drained all the fuel and oil before they stored it, you may have to clean out alot of gunk from the gearbox, carb, etc. If there was fuel in it, that's going to be the tough stuff to clean off. If it was running fine before they stored it, those are really the only major things. Aside from that you'll want to get new tires and tubes (at least tubes).

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Re: Restoring an old Vespa

have a good look at it first and see what's wrong w/ it. fred has a handy troubleshooting guide. use that and go step by step. vespa is a great brand ... it will run again. good luck!

Re: Restoring an old Vespa

As long as the motor isn't stuck it's a good candidate for a runner. Parts for the Vespa are available from


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