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I know a honda helix isn't a moped, but I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on it. Has anyone ever owned or had any experience with this machine? How easy is it to enhance performance? And is it worth the money? If anyone can tell me anything else about this, I'd really appreciate it eh... Thanks.


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Ron Brown /


I don't think a Helix needs much in the way of performance enhancement. Some guy did the "Iron Butt Ride" on one a few years ago.

As for being worth the money, I guess it depends on the condition and the money. Personally, i've allways had a soft spot for them, but I'm not considered normal by some people. :-)


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Back in the 80s, when I used to ride a Goldwing all over the country to rallies, there used to be a few Helixes at every rally. The people I talked to that had them were very pleased, and the folks they rode with said they could ride with the big bikes at highway speeds with no problems. Would I like to own a Helix? In a heartbeat.

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Awesome. I thought I was going to get some disapproving posts, even though I still might. Yeah... I've had my moped for a while now. I got a speed kit for it about a year+ ago and all is well, except with the speed I got with the kit, I want more of. I've heard a lot about kits that phuck up the bike, but I guess I got lucky with mine(so far anyway). I used to appreciate the moped for what it was before I got the kit, but now I want something a little bigger and faster but with the same principles as a moped/scooter. I think I'm going to start looking for a used Helix pretty soon. I don't know if I can ever sell the moped I have now though. We've been through a lot since I've owned it. Any other other posts are very much appreciated.


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Reeperette /

Oh yes...I wouldn't mind a Helix that they are a bit pricy and hard to find.

It's actually 244cc Displacement, with a Centrifugal clutch and all hand controls, so to me it's just a really, really BIG Moped.

A friend of mine owned one, said it had killer takeoff, and could hold a top end speed pretty well, but it does tend to wallow a bit in sharp cornering due to the long wheelbase.

That long wheelbase does make it a bit more comfy to ride, so it's a fair enough tradeoff.

It's a damn nice ride, and one I'd like to own myself...but I ain't up to payin that kinda price for one, is all.


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if you want a moped (legal definition), you'll have to stick to 50cc. for that, i'd go w/ a honda elite, if you want a scooter. but new mopeds (e.g. avanti, derbi) can be cheaper than new scooters and have similar performance. i'm not anti-scooter ... i think they are quite nice. but i like the advantage and simplicity of pedal mopeds.

if you want to add performance to a scooter, i'm sure you could. even to a helix. i know that i've seen biturbo mufflers on sprees and elites. and i've heard you can derestrict them for improved performance.

but you can also speed up a moped WITHOUT a speed kit. a larger carburetor and a performance exhaust (polini, leovinci, biturbo) and a larger manifold and front sprocket will help and still give you a MoPed. we've got some to hit past 40 mph doing this on minareli engines.

it's your call, though.

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Yeah, I said I want something that is not a moped. I know the Helix isn't a moped. My moped is plenty fast with the 70cc kit on it.

Any other comments? thanks.


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